Winter for Australians can be a little tricky. We are all so used to the heat throughout the year that sometimes when ‘’winter is coming’’ (yes, we’re still not over the GOT references), we really don’t know how to go about it. Most Australians have houses (and minds) built for Summers, so when winter arrives, we can feel the chill, but we never truly accept it.

The interesting thing about this Island continent is that it is so big in geography that when half the country is spending sunny days on scenic beaches, the other half is buckling up for windy and dry afternoons that get colder as the sun starts setting.

A major reason why this season is a bit complicated for us is that we’re not entirely sure how to build a wardrobe for winters that speak style and fashion-forwardness the way it does in the summers for us. We really can’t decide what to wear in Australia in winter.

So, I’m here to give you some ideas that will defo make you look great because there is no reason for Australians to fall behind in fashion in this chilly weather.

  • A Beanie Hat

Let’s start with the headwear first. A winter essential around the globe, a beanie hat will be perfect for lads around the country to be stylish in an instant.

Beanie hats are considered to be worn for a casual outfit, but if you get the right colours, such as beige or sage green, you will look dapper in the outdoors. To have a smarter look choose the knit-ware that falls just above your ears to make sure you don’t seem a bloke.

  1. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are one of the most versatile outerwears for sure. They can help you pull off your outfits, whether they range from casual to preppy ones. Stores like Angel Jackets carry some iconic designs to make your Australia tour stylish.

Bomber styles can be rocked in many materials and colours, but darker shades are recommended for winters. Since the weather in most cities isn’t entirely biting cold, you can keep the front zipper open and walk-in style. Depending on the time of the day, you can wear either a shirt underneath or a light-knitted sweater to be super dashing.

  • A wool scarf

Scarfs for men add a flair to your outfit and depict your fashion forwardness. It’s not apparel for the faint-hearted but a choice for a real man.

Draping a scarf declares that you’re a guy that isn’t scared to accessorize. It shows that instead of being lazy in this weather, you have put an effort to dress nicely. Don’t go overboard, though, with bright colours, rather choose neutral colours that can match more than one outfit.

  • Leather jackets

Your winter wardrobe is incomplete without a stunning leather jacket in it. They have a touch of rebellion to them and yet depict an enduring fashion statement.

Versatile leather jackets in black and brown both look super-classy. From biker styles to racer styles, you can look awesome as soon as you step out, whether it’s to grab a quick bite or for a round of cold ones in the pub. With chunky belts and buckles and a fashionable zipper, you will find every excuse to show off this leather apparel every day.

  • Puffer jackets

If you are the outdoorsy type and like going for an occasional mountain-hike every now and then, Puffer Jackets can allow you to enjoy those trips in winters.

Contrary to the misguided belief, Puffer jackets, too, can be neat. Whether you are planning a camping trip or are just headed for the bush, these can keep you warm and provide you comfort at the same time. In winters, choose sombre tones like black, brown, or even a dense maroon.

  • Woollen coats & parkas

Woollen coats and Parkas can highlight the elegance in your fashion sense. Men around the world are increasingly adding it to their formal winter wardrobe to seem preppy.

In winters, you’ll still be required to go to work or other formal events. So, by wearing woollen overcoats or even parkas, you can enhance your ordinary suits and add flare to your attire. The best thing about them is that they can even make clothing that is otherwise casual appear smarter and more formal.

  • Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are such unique winter apparel that it is only worn by men with heaps of confidence. They are a classic piece but can be made modern when paired with stylish outerwear.

The biggest advantage of a turtleneck, apart from the fact that they can keep you toasty, is that they are resourceful in other seasons too. They also elevate one’s attire at any time of the day, and if you go for neutral colours, your outfit choices will become endless.

  • Suede Boots

Suede has a vintage feel to it. It presents a luxurious style to your footwear and helps you stand out of the standard runners’ crowd.

Footwear is one of the first things people see in a person, so it’s wise to pay attention to them this season. Classic colours such as brown, tan, and even black are the safest (and I reckon the most stylish) options that can’t go wrong no matter what.