A sudden heater malfunction is a frightening situation for every family member. Leaving any heater problem left unchecked for a long time can cause more serious issues and can even lead to the complete breakdown of the unit. Being left out can result in the replacement of the unit too. But every heating unit undergoes many struggles before breaking down completely.

Some signs of heating repairs are noises, smell, and affected efficiency, rapidly rising energy bills, etc. The homeowner addressing such signs in advance enables the system to get repaired in advance. But the matter lies in knowing the signs. To help you resolve this problem, we provide you with the list of signs that calls for expertise in heating repair Jacksonville, FL.

Warning signs of heating repair

  1. A good running unit will have the same energy utility bills every month. A sudden hike in the energy bills is a sign indicating some problems with the heater. Whatever be the cause of repair, the first thing to get affected in a heater is efficiency. This change in efficiency makes it harder for the unit to work and causes high energy consumption. This rapidly increases the bills. Any such raise noticed in bills needs a technician to check.
  2. The homeowner might have experienced uneven heating, that is, one room being too cold and the other being hot at least once. A defective duct system usually causes this. Any leak diagnosed in the ductwork results in a poor distribution of heat throughout the home, causing uneven heating. This problem requires the assistance of heating services Jacksonville, FL, to check the crack and insulate it.
  3. Inefficient heating is completely different from uneven heating. Uneven heating is the uneven distribution of heat from one place to another, but inefficient heating doesn’t sufficiently provide enough temperature at a place. Even with the high-temperature rise in the thermostat, the place would not reach the optimum or desired temperature. Checking and rectifying the problem as soon as possible makes the efficiency of the unit to be saved.
  4. Unlike the common sound raised by the heater, any other strange noise noticed is a severe problem. It sounds like banging or clanking is a sign of the parts of the heater being damaged. Make sure to turn off the heater and call a pro as any odd noises are heard, for it might end up risky.
  5. The pilot light commonly blows blue. If any yellow or any other colored pilot light detected is a serious problem. This is because the carbon monoxide present is usually odorless or colorless, and such signs can cause serious fire accidents.
  6. Any water leak suspected in a heater also requires a technician to solve. This problem left unchecked can cause excess water pooling. The condensate line being clogged is the result of water leaks. But a gas leak is far more dangerous than water leaks. Any clog in the condensed pipe or drain pipe makes it difficult for the water to flow freely. Proper cleaning is compulsory to have the drain pipe clean and clear.
  7. Detecting gas smell in a gas furnace is a serious problem that requires immediate repair service. A strong gas odor detected in the furnace requires immediate turning off of the unit. Call a professional to have it repaired immediately as it can cause serious gas or fire accidents.
  8. Frequent turn-on and off-cycle is also a problem that could affect the efficiency of the unit. Normal cycling takes up to fifteen minutes to occur, but frequent cycling occurs every few minutes. Being turned on and off repeatedly can be caused by many reasons like poor airflow, a clogged air filter, or a defective thermostat. Proper inspection and heating repair Jacksonville, FL, by a technician is compulsory.
  9. How latest, costly, or high-efficient your heater may be. It gets affected completely with ageing and continuous usage. The normal age of a heater is usually 10-15 years. If your heating unit has crossed its normal lifespan, considering a replacement rather than repair service is recommended. No matter how hard it’s repaired, the heater might break down again with ageing.

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