Boilers may be placed in an obscure area in your home, but that doesn’t mean it requires less attention. Like other equipment and appliances in your house, your boiler needs to undergo proper monitoring and maintenance.

Having your boiler serviced annually is the least you can do to ensure that it is working correctly and your health and safety are not compromised. Moreover, you can save more money when you choose to service your boiler every 12 months.

If you’re interested to learn how getting your boiler serviced annually can extend its benefits and functions, read on and find out.

It extends the life of a boiler.

Boilers require maintenance if you wish to use them for a long time and preserve its efficiency. Unlike other household equipment, boilers are not too demanding when it comes to being cared for. But as low maintenance as they may be, an annual boiler servicing is imperative to check on critical issues and damages growing in plain sight.

The average boiler’s life expectancy is 10 to 15 years, and if you do your part in doing regular maintenance checks and having them repaired as soon as issues are detected, then you can even go well beyond the average lifespan.

Likewise, servicing will also assess if they are functioning properly, which can indicate their longevity.


It guarantees your safety against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Anyone would want to make sure that their boilers are up and running. However, not everyone remembers to secure an annual boiler servicing. But when safety is at stake, it becomes non-negotiable.

When a boiler is not serviced within a year, it becomes even more challenging to assess whether it’s combusting fuel efficiently.

The moment it fails to function the right way and boiler issues arise in silence, you begin to increase your risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. When too much carbon monoxide accumulates in your bloodstream, it can lead to severe health consequences like tissue damage and even death.

It saves you more money.

When you choose to have your boilers serviced at least once a year, you are actually saving yourself a lot of money for major repairs. Preventative maintenance would most of the time, be cheaper than the cost of any repair jobs.

Boiler damage and functional issues could require an absurd amount of cash to get fixed. But if you avail of boiler servicing, these problems can be repaired sooner rather than later in more minor degrees. Damages can be fixed right away before they worsen, which prevents your boiler from breaking down. In this sense, it is cheaper than replacing several parts of your boiler or purchasing a new one.

If your boiler seems to be constantly running inefficiently and frequently breaking down, they might even recommend getting a new boiler altogether to prevent further unnecessary costs. Need a new boiler? You can head over to Boiler Central for a wide range of boilers at the best prices.

Depending on your situation, a boiler repair service or a boiler replacement service would be ideal. Having your old boiler repaired over and over again due to old age or underlying issues can cost you as much money as it costs to get a new boiler, that’s why it’s important to have your system checked and serviced regularly to find out when it’s time to upgrade and replace your old boiler.

In a Nutshell

Getting your boiler service annually is not a mere option. It is necessary, therefore highly recommended by manufacturers and engineers.

When you have your boilers checked at least once a year, damages and critical issues are identified and addressed immediately. This way, you save yourself from spending on a new boiler or endangering your household with the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nonetheless, when you decide to service your boiler make sure to have it done during months in which the equipment is not used all the time. During cold seasons, your boiler will most likely work harder than usual. It is best to schedule a boiler servicing during summers. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a broken down boiler when the freezing cold comes in during winter.