Type 2 diabetes which was once called non-insulin-dependent diabetes is similar to type 1 diabetes.

The difference is that with type 2 diabetics, their bodies can still produce the vitally needed hormone insulin.

However in the case of a type 2 diabetic, the insulin produced is either not enough or your body does not have the capability to utilize the hormone properly.

Non-insulin-dependent diabetes is the most common of the two illnesses and it accounts for 90% to 95% of all diabetes cases that are diagnosed and documented in the country today. Most people that have been diagnosed with this dreaded disease, are considered obese or overweight.

Type 2 diabetics have to monitor their blood glucose the same way that individuals who have type 1 diabetes have too. If they don’t, then they run the risk of experiencing serious diabetes complications due to them having high blood glucose levels.

Our bodies need the glucose (sugar) that comes from the various foods (carbohydrates) that we consume for energy. The insulin hormone that our bodies produce is responsible for regulating blood glucose. It does this by signaling the cells to unlock and accept any glucose from our blood streams.

Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

When your blood cells fail to open!

If our cells fail to open, then our blood glucose will elevate to a very unsafe level. This could become fatal. As a type 2 diabetic you must realize that your condition is a very serious one and you should not take it lightly.

Many of us believe that because we have diabetes we can not live a normal life. This is far from the truth. You can still live a long, healthy, and productive life as long as you are willing to fight your disease and listen to your health care team.

Although type 2 diabetes mostly develops in people that are 40 years or older, the diagnosed cases in young children and adolescents have increased dramatically. One of the major reasons for this, is due to them being either overweight or obese.

Parents you must encourage your children from a young age, to eat more healthier foods and exercise more. This will ensure that they stay healthy, keep their weight down, and their blood glucose under control.

The symptoms of this illness can develop gradually and can go unchecked or overlooked some times. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) there is a possibility that over one third of the people that do have type 2 diabetes will go undiagnosed.

How to fight type 2 Diabetes and WIN!

Individuals can prevent themselves from becoming a type 2 diabetic by learning how to fight their disease.They must also follow a few simple steps, that will involve a few lifestyle changes as well.

These simple but necessary lifestyle changes include:

  • Eating a healthy diet: Your diet should be one that is rich in fruits and vegetables but less in saturated fats and salt.
  • Limited fast foods.
  • Limit the sugary products.
  • Maintain an active (exercise more) lifestyle.

However if you have been diagnosed with this chronic disease, the key to treating it is through proper blood glucose monitoring. By doing this, the risks of severe diabetes complications associated with elevated blood glucose levels, are minimized considerably.

Successful management of type 2 diabetes can be achieved through a proper diabetes diet, using a safe sugar substitute like Stevia to regulate your blood glucose, and having a regularly scheduled exercise and fitness program. However before starting any physical activity, diabetics and non-diabetics must obtain approval from their doctor to do so.

This is how you will avoid potential problems down the road. Constant blood glucose monitoring is an absolute must if you want to maintain good diabetes management. Your oral medications and/or insulin injections must also be administered as prescribed by your doctor/s so that you are always healthy and energized. To know more visit https://ipsnews.net/business/2021/06/26/mellitox-review-youll-be-sorry-if-you-suffer-from-diabetes-and-miss-this/ .

By taking these necessary precautions to maintain good diabetes management, you will be able to live a long, healthy, and productive life and avoid the complications that are associated with type 2 diabetes.