Did you know that over 12 million people ride motorcycles in the United States? If you are part of this statistic or recently purchased your first motorcycle you might have noticed plenty of riders sporting a vest or a jacket with some type of embroidered patch. We have put together this short guide with our top tips on designing custom motorcycle patches.

Keep reading to see how you can create the best custom biker patches for you.


Before you start designing you want to think about what is this custom embroidered patch for? Are you creating one for a fashion statement or for a team or club you are a part of? This purpose should guide you as you design the perfect custom patch for you.

If you are part of a bike club that allows custom patches then make sure you are aware if there are specific guidelines such as colors, embroidery, and pictures that you need to stick to.

Think About Size

Next, you want to think about how big or small you want the patch to be. Look at where you plan on placing the patch to figure out the size along with the shape. Usually, military and security patches are about 4 inches and logo patches are 3.5.

Larger biker patches can be as big as 12 inches. It all depends on the ways to use patches that you prefer.

Clear Designs

Think about how clear you want the patch to be. If you opt for an embroidered patch it might not be the clearest patch when it comes to design. Keep in mind that if you have a complicated design with too many details, an embroidered patch is not a great idea because it will be hard to see the details.

If you want a clearer patch you might want to opt for a custom woven patch. Try to choose simple designs in order to create a clear design. If you have too many letters on the design then take the size of the patch into consideration to ensure that the letters are legible.


Take into consideration the best border for your patch. You can opt for a simple and thin hot cut border or a classic merrowed border. The merrowed border and hot cut border are the most common.

Both borders will give any custom patch an excellent finish. Also, choose the color or colors you want on your border. If you are looking to make the custom patch stand out then opt for a bright-colored border.

Ready to Get Some Custom Motorcycle Patches?

We hope that now that you have our top tips on designing your own custom motorcycle patches, you have your creative wheels spinning and are ready to design your very own.

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