One accessory can elevate your look to the next level, and most people don’t wear it enough. You may be surprised to find that a combination of styled rings can pull your outfit together.

So are you ready to up your style game? Here are a few types of rings and how to wear them with a runway-worthy outfit.

Common Types of Rings

It goes without saying that there are different types of rings and can bring a unique look to your wardrobe. Here are some of the most common ring styles you’ll see.

Band Rings

The simplest rings are band rings. These rings feature a single band that may be plain or decorative. These are a great base to start a ring collection because they’ll match every other ring you’ll wear.

Gemstone Rings

Add gems to a metal band, and you’ll have the classic gemstone ring. These rings can feature gems of all sizes, solitary gems, or multiple gems in the ring.

Diamonds are a popular choice, but sapphires, opals, and rubies are also common.

Inlay Rings

Inlay rings have a special setting where the portion of the band is cut out, and a stone or another material is set into the cutout. You can find these rings with precious stones or rocks set into metal or wood.

Signet Ring

Traditionally popular for men but gaining style for women is the signet ring. These are thick metal rings with a raised, flat face.

Historically, this area would be reserved for initials or family crests; now, this is a place for designs and symbols.

Cocktail Ring

Another word for this style could be a statement ring. These are large statement pieces that often feature precious stones and intricate designs.

How to Style Rings

Luckily, styling with rings is something anyone can learn. With these few tips, your ring style will look like it was done by a pro.

Consider Material

Most often, you’ll find rings in gold, rose gold, and silver. If you’re new to rings, start with one material color before mixing metals. This will help you get a grip on playing with size, texture, and gemstones.

Get Creative with Your Fingers

Even though you only have two ring fingers, you have an entire canvas on your hands. So start by venturing out and wearing a few rings on different fingers. Read on here to find out about ring fingers and their meanings.

Try Ring Stacking

Once you get used to wearing one ring on a few fingers, try stacking, so you have multiple rings on one finger. Achieve the look by mixing textures, thickness and adding color with gemstones and designs.

Take Your Look to the Next Level with Rings

Every day, you get up, put on a new outfit, and head out for the day. But are the outfit you’re putting on the best outfit they can be? Or is there a way to elevate your looks?

Of course there is, and that way is by adding rings. Now that you have an idea of all the types of rings available to you and how to wear them, you can take your look to the next level.

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