Rob Dyrdek is a popular actor featured in reality TV shows such as Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness, and is also the creator of Wild Grinders.

Rob Dyrdek is also a professional skateboarder and was labeled by FoxWeekly as one of the “most influential skateboarders of all-time.”

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Rob Dyrdek
Full Name: Rob Stanley Dyrdek
Gender: Male 
Birth Date:  June 28, 1974
Birth Place: Kettering, Ohio, USA
Age: 46 years old 
Height: 1.71m.
Weight: 61kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Bryiana Noelle Flores (m. 2015)
Children: Nala Ryan Dyrdek, Kodah Dash Dyrdek
Profession: Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer, Reality TV Personality, Professional Skateboarder
Net Worth: $50 million

Early Life

Rob Dyrdek  was born on June 28, 1974, in Kettering, Ohio, the USA to Gene and Patty Dyrdek, Rob Dyrdek has been in sports as a child and started skateboarding at age 11 after receiving a skateboard from professional skateboarder Neil Blender.

Because of his insurmountable interest in skateboarding, Rob Dyrdek would recall his childhood life where he would sit in school thinking all about the tricks that he would do and get out and skate until he masters them all.

Alien Workshop

At 12 years old, Rob Dyrdek received sponsorship from the same company as professional skateboarder Neil Blender and started his skateboarding career.

A few years later, the two decided to quit their sponsorship from the company and founded the Alien Workshop. Because of his love for skateboarding, Rob Dyrdek decided to forgo his senior high school year and pursued his professional skateboarding career in Southern California.

And sooner than later, Rob Dyrdek acquired the company for himself and started his post-riding career as an entrepreneur. 

DC Shoes

After moving to Southern California, Rob Dyrdek had an opportunity to ride for Doors Clothing which is now known as DC Shoes. While being in the company, Rob Dyrdek had his sponsorship until 2016. 

Other Sponsorships

Aside from Alien Workshop and DC Shoes, Rob Dyrdek has also been sponsored by Silver Trucks (from which he helped establish in 2003, EA Skate, and Monster Energy. 

Street League Skateboarding (SLS)

Rob Dyrdek is also the founder of the famous skateboard competition enterprise Street League Skateboarding (SLS) which started first as a domestic competition and later expanded to international events. 

SLS has been known as the league to offer the highest overall purse throughout sports history with its championship event broadcast on ESPN at $1.6 million in 198 countries. 


In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America, the SLS was able to develop and make new skate parks in California and became the focus of Rob Dyrdek’s documentary film The Motivation which was then premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Television and film industry

Rob Dyrdek’s first television appearance was in the MTV reality series Rob & Rig which was first aired in November 2006 until April 2008 alongside his bodyguard and best friend Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, with his cousin Chris “Drama” Pfaff and friend Rashawn “Bam Bam” Davis. 

In February 2009, Rob Dyrdek’s reality TV show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory was aired featuring Dyrdek, Pfaff, and his Enterprise staff. The show depicts a converted warehouse run by Dyrdek. 

The grand-opening featured Rob Dyrdek and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa riding on the world’s largest skateboard. Dyrdek also opened his SafeSpot SkateSpot during the show’s first season.

The show was able to air a total of seven seasons with its season finale on March 13, 2014. It mainly featured Dyrdek, Chris Pfaff, Scott Pfaff, Boykin, Sterling Brim, and Chanel West Coast. 

Some of the unforgettable moments of the show were Rob Dyrdek’s stunt on performing the first kickflip with an automobile as part of Chevrolet’s advertising, being bitten by a shark, attacked by a tiger, co-inventing the first “skateboard car,” and exhibiting a customized Ford Mustang.

In 2008, Rob Dyrdek was able to become a cast member in Righteous Kill as Rambo together with renowned actors Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. 

In 2009, Rob and Nino Scalia decided to make Street Dream, a film about skateboarding and had Rob Dyrdek do the stunts and become one of the casts which made them make the script for more than six months. 

Soon after in 2011, Rob Dyrdek was featured in a scene in Jackass 3.5 with Johnny Knoxville. A year after, Dyrdek started a show in the MTV network entitled Ridiculousness, a show that enables him to comment on various video mishaps together with Chanel West Coast and Sterling Brim as co-hosts.

Throughout his career as a producer in his own production company Superjacket Productions, Rob Dyrdek has produced several shows including Ridiculousness, the CMT series The Dude Perfect Show, Crashletes, Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life on Nickelodeon, Snack-Off, and as well as Amazingness in 2017 where he served as a judge for the talent show.


Rob Dyrdek’s first business milestone was with Orion trucks. He then began his exploration of entrepreneurship while with DC Shoes in line with shoe design and launched some short-lived companies like a skate shop and a hip hop record label.

Rob Dyrdek is also the owner of the animated series on the Nickelodeon network Wild Grinders and Street League Skateboarding (SLS). He also partnered with Travis Barker in the clothing company Rogue Status. 

Dyrdek also ventured with a business incubator that helps other businessmen put up their companies in a systematic approach called Dyrdek Machine. 


Aside from running his own company and various other businesses, Rob Dyrek is also known as an investor in the UFC, Beach Whiskey, Beatbox Beverages, and Stance.

Dyrdek is also a co-founder of Black Feather Whiskey, Ultracast, and made a partnership with NASCAR to make live 360 virtual reality broadcasts. 

Rob Dyrdek total net worth

Together with his career as an entrepreneur, actor, producer, and former professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek was able to amass an estimated net worth value of about $50 million.


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