Also referred to as Parasyte-the maxim, the Parasyte anime is the televised version of the Manga series by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The series did an excellent job with how well it depicted the war between humankind and aliens. The series lays its focus on a teenage boy known as Izumi Shinichi. Izumi is lucky enough not to face the full consequences of aliens called ‘Parasytes’ who attack the earth.

Instead, the parasite attaches itself to his hand after failing to attack his brain. Being awarded the best Manga series in 1996, Madhouse studio created the anime series. The 24 episodes of season 1 aired from October 9, 2014, to March 29, 2015, then later on May 15, 2020, all the anime’s 24 episodes were released on Netflix.

Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled

After the debut season’s release, the parasyte got an overwhelming response from fans and critics. They were applauding it for its storyline’s consistency, scene transitions, good character development, and soundtracks. All these leading fans to think a second season of the series would come along in the future.

There is a very minimal chance of renewing the series. The main reason could be the source material’s unavailability, which is because the author of the original Manga has no interest in writing more of the series.

Could be. All ten volumes have already been used in plotting the first season of the series. This means that there is no material to develop a second season of Parasyte, also going by the conclusion of season 1.

Release date of Parasyte season 2

Parasyte The Maxim
Parasyte The Maxim

Many viewers around the globe are anticipating a second season of the series. At the moment, there is no viable information concerning the release date of the second season, and all we have to do is wait for the official announcement, and when it does, we will be ready to share the same with you.

Parasyte the Maxim plot

The story centers on a schoolboy named Izumi Shinichi, who lived a very calm and humble life. His neighborhood was safe, and he always stayed away from getting into any form of trouble. But this does not last for long, as one day, parasitic extra-terrestrial creatures invade and start taking control of the world.

The parasites, wholly harmless and appearing to be tiny worms. But can become very dangerous when they find their way into someone’s brain through ears or nose. As people all over get attacked by these parasites, Izumi survives as the parasite finds itself in his right arm and does not affect his brain. 

Izumi does not give the parasite a chance to control him, being that the parasite is intelligent. They later settle on a deal with the parasite to help Izumi fight the rest of the parasites as long as he lets the parasite take space in his body. This agreement creates a promising alliance between the two, and finally, Izumi turns out to be the only hope humankind. This is because he has to win the war against these parasites.

The parasyte Cast

Suppose there is a renewal of Parasyte season 2 by Netflix. Chances are to follow through a storyline similar to its original Manga publication, which was last published in 1995. Some characters leave a strong impression in peoples’ minds and deserve to be on set. Such vital characters include; Shinichi Izumi, a schoolboy who tries his very best to protect humankind from the parasite attack.

Migi is the parasite that took its physical form of existence in Izumi’s hand, and despite being life-threatening, it helps Izumi protect humans. Satomi Murano, Izumi’s friend who does all she can to understand what is bothering her friend, until later when she unveils the truth and still chooses to stay by her friend’s side. They had a romantic interest in each other. It would also be good to see Yuko and Akio, who are close friends to Satomi.

When to expect season 2

Since the series is now on Netflix, its renewal depends on whether it performs better on commercial aspects. The aspects include profits from increased viewing hours and numerous internet searches.

In the unexpected event that this happens. Then we can expect a second season somewhere in 2022. But it is only better if we get an official update to avoid false hopes.


Generally, the ‘Parasyte’ series had a good reception by anime fans and ended up getting a rating of 8.3 on IMDB. This result was the expectation considering that the original Manga won the best Manga in 1996. This is after selling 11 million copies. If only the author had advanced in writing a follow-up series for the original Manga, we would be sure that a second season will be available. Currently, fans of the anime series can enjoy the movie version ‘Parasyte,’ whose release was in two parts.