My First First Love is a South Korean romance and coming-of-age streaming series. The series is a reboot of the 2015 south Korean cable, OnStyle, drama titled My First Time. It was produced by the same production company.

My First First Love is created by Jung Hyun-Jung and written by Kim Ran. It is directed by Oh Jin-Seok. The stars of the show are Ji Soo, Jung Chae-Yeon, Jung Jin-young, Choi Ri, and Kang Tae-oh. 

The executive producer of My First First Love is Lee Sang-Baek. The distributor and original network of the show are Netflix. My First First Love was released from April 18 to July 26, 2019. The show has 2 seasons and an overall of 16 episodes. Fans of the show are waiting for season 3 of My First First Love. 

Below are the things you need to know about the series and its third season.

My First First Love recap

The story of My First First Love revolves around five youths. It also tackles their messy encounters with the concept of first love. Yun Tae-o’s friends suddenly moving into his house have their reasons. They begin to learn how to live together and also, learn how to love.

As the story moves, complications arise as Song-i and Tae-o’s platonic friendship begins to shift and they start falling in love with each other.

In the season 1 finale, you can see that Tae-o has finally realized that his feelings for Song-i are beyond friendship. However, by the time he realized his feelings for Song-i he was too late because she already has a boyfriend, Seo Do-Hyun, who is also his good friend.

In the season 2 finale, here you could see that Do-Hyeon and his father sold their restaurant due to financial purposes. Do-Hyeon and Tae-o talked about Song-I and Do-Hyeon, and they bid farewell. Meanwhile, Garin’s mother wanted her to go home immediately after learning that she has been living with Tae-o. Song-i and Tae-o went out to find outfits. Song-i then found a brown bag from Do-Yeon, a farewell gift before he left, in her art room. The last scene of the series is when Tae-o and Song-i kiss while they are smiling and laughing.

My First First Love Characters

The First First Love main characters are as follows:

Yun Tae-o has been the best friend of Song-i since grade school. Tae-o always feels the need to take care of Song-i and is also conflicted about his feelings towards her. His friends then suddenly moved into his house unexpectedly. The character is played by Ji Soo.

Han Song-i is the best friend of Tae-o. She experiences the most hardship among the group. Song-i is an architecture major. The character is played by Jung Chae-Yeon.

Seo Do-Yeon is a friend of Tae-o from college. Do-Yeon is focused on his studies and finding a stable job. He is not part of the group of people who decided to live with Tae-o. Later in the series, he developed a relationship with Song-i. The character is played by Jung Jin-young.

O Ga-rin is an extremely wealthy heiress of the Daebaek Group. Her family and Tae-o’s family are friends. She ran away from home so that she could experience independence and decided to live with Tae-o in Seoul. Later, she develops a relationship with Hun. The character is played by Choi Ri.

Choe Hun is a friend of Tae-o in college. Hun and Tae-o have known each other since elementary. He and Tae-o both dropped out in college. He is also from a wealthy family but is cut off by his father. Hun wants to be a musician/actor. Later, Hun develops a relationship with Ga-rin. The character is played by Kang Tae-oh.

Other recurring characters are Hong Ji-Yoon as Ryu Se-Hyeon, Yoon Da-hoon as Yun Jeong-Gil, Park Soo-young as Do-Hyeon’s father, Jung Si-ah as Tae-o’s step-mother, Yoon Bok-in as Song-i’s mother, Jeon Soo-jyung as Ga-rin’s mother, Jo Seung-Yeon as Choe Seok Hwan, Oh Young-shil as Hun’s mother, Park Yoo-rim as Choe Min-ah, Lee Ju-eun as Song-i’s friend, Kim Jae-Yong as Dae-geon, and Jung Yun-Seok as Yun Yeong-ho.

My First First Love Season 3 Release date

For the release date of the third season, it is still pending. Fans will have to wait for the announcement from Netflix, the distributor and original network of My First First Love. If the third season will happen, it might surprise fans of the show because the finale of season 2 left no traces of any openings for season 3. However, writers could create another storyline like My First First Love could start after a time skip where Song-i and Tae-o are happily married and starting to have a family together. Well, who knows? fans have to wait.

There’s no exact date for the release of season 3. It is quite hard to predict. If there’s a chance for another season, it might take some time for production to take place since it is mandatory in South Korea to be enlisted into the army. One of the actors of the series, Jin Young, has been enlisted into the army.

While waiting for the announcement from Netflix for the third season of the show, you can check out the trailer of season 2 to refresh your memories.

My First First Love Other Details

The filming of My First First Love started in September 2018 and ended in January 2019.
The creator of My First First Love is behind other successful K-drama series such as In Need of Romance and Romance is a Bonus Book.

For all K-drama fans, the series is a must-watch. My First First Love is a light and breezy series and it is also fast and entertaining to watch.

Fun fact: The lead role was first offered to Nam Joo Hyuk, but he declined the offer.