Natural comedian by heart, Monique has made thousands of households burst with laughter. And that probably includes you too while watching some of her shows. 

Monique has been around the television and film industry for quite some time now. She made several appearances in talk shows, sitcom series, and also movies as well. 

She is one of the most recognizable and respected comedians that has been making millions since her career started. So there’s no wonder Monique’s net worth is just as big as other celebrity comedians in Hollywood. 

And if you want to know more about Monique’s life under the limelight (as well as her net worth of course) then seeing you here is no accident.  

Below, let’s dive more into Monique and how she made her way to success through her passion for comedy. 

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Monique

Full Name: Monique Angela Imes
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 11, 1967
Place of Origin: Woodlawn, Maryland, U.S.
Age: 53
Height: 5ft 7 inches
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married5up comedian, Actress, Talk-show host
Total Net  Worth: $13 million

Early Life

Monique was born on December 11, 1967, and was raised by Steven Imes and Alice Imes. She was also the youngest among her siblings Millicent, Gerald, and Steve Imes. 

She graduated high school in 1985 at the Milford Mill High School in Baltimore. She has then continued her schooling at Morgan State University and finished at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland in 1987. 

Monique has a passion for comedy and film since she was young. Her first break in the comedy scene happened on Baltimore Comedy Factory Outlet. 

Dared by her brother Steve Imes to participate in an open mic, Monique then received a warm welcome from the audience after her performance. 

She worked as a part-time customer service crew on a telecommunications company during her teen years.

But after performing more shows in various comedy clubs across Atlanta and Baltimore, she decided to quit her job and pursue her passion for stand-up comedy.

Career and Personal Life

Monique’s presence began to be recognized by more opportunities across the country. She started making an appearance in TV specials such as Comic View, and Russel Simmons’ Def Comedy.

Because of this unparalleled success, her television character as ‘Monique’ was made into a spin-off series titled Moesha

As her success continued to rise, she opened a comedy club in Baltimore named Mo’Nique’s, which is still open for business up to this day. 

Monique also starred in a long-running sitcom The Parkers, where she played as Nikki Parker throughout all four seasons of the series. 

Her appearance in this classic sitcom made her more recognizable in the industry. She then began to appear in Hollywood movies too.

This includes Baby Boy (2001), Soul Plane (2004), Shadowboxer (2005), and more. She is also the first woman of color to host Showtime at the Apollo in 2002. 

Her first book titled Skinny Women Are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World is critically acclaimed and was well-received by the masses. 

She also opened her first reality-TV show titled Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance that features plus-sized women. 

The show debuted in 2005 up to 2007 where it aired for a total of three seasons. After its success, Monique opened her first talk show named The Mo’Nique Show that aired around 2009 to 2012.

Monique is first married to Mark Jackson in 1997 but was then separated in 2001. She then married Sidney Hicks in 2006 and continued to live happily up to this day. 

In 2016, Monique revealed that she has an open relationship with Sidney. She realized that she still wants to be with other men while already married.

The netizen’s reactions were mostly negative. However, Sidney is fine with the matter and was very calm when Monique told him about it.

Despite the backlash Monique and Sidney received about the matter, they remained strong over the years and have never been separated since the day they exchanged vows. 


Monique also received a plethora of awards for her entire career over the years and 2010 is the most prosperous of them all.

Her first achievement is the Best Supporting Female in the Independent Spirit Awards in 2010. 

The second one is the Best Supporting Actress in the Critics’ Movie Awards which was also held in the same year. 

Third, which also happened in 2010, is the BAFTA Film Awards where she won as the Best Supporting Actress.

The fourth one is Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards

In 2009, she received the Special Jury Prize for Acting at the Sundance Film Festival. This is then followed by the Outstanding Female Actor Performance in a Supporting Role at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

She is also nominated for other award ceremonies as well which mostly happened in 2015. This includes the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series Or a Movie at the Emmy Awards and Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

Monique Total Net Worth

By being in the comedy industry for decades, Monique has a total of $13 million of net worth according to the latest data. 

Thanks to her guest appearances in various TV shows & sitcoms, owning a comedy bar bearing her name, and having reality TV shows, it’s no wonder Monique made it this far in her entire career.

Her last project dated back in 2019 titled Donald Glover Presents, which is a mini-series that features Adidas sneakers as a symbol of their life experiences. 

However, she doesn’t have any projects in 2020 because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

But that is about to change thanks to her latest project The Reading which is currently in post-production and is set to be released later this year.

Monique’s net worth will probably increase over time. And this is all thanks to her passion for stand-up comedy, her husband’s support, and also her life as an actress in the TV and film industry.


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