Don’t we all desire that special someone who can make us happy and help us cope with life? The one who knows exactly what we are thinking and how we feel, and the one who completes our sentences? Most people want to find a soulmate in life!

You’re looking for that one person who understands you and will hold your hand, and be by your side through your ups and downs. You will go to almost any length in finding your soulmate! Because of that, you will make a few mistakes in this search.

These mistakes are easy to make. Unfortunately, it’s not simple to find your life partner. Here are five common mistakes that are holding you back.

  1. Confusing Chemistry for Genuine Love

Love should make you feel a particular way. It’s magical to find someone with whom you click.

Your electricity may light up a whole city. Kissing ignites an eternal fire.

However, chemistry isn’t always the greatest indicator of a successful relationship. Chemistry may be deceiving, blinding you to character faults and even abuse.

Soulmates are created, not discovered. And seeking a quick connection may blind you to possible soulmates, the slow burners which make you feel comfortable for longer.

  1. Looking For Emotional Instability’s Excitement

You want that all-consuming love that keeps you thinking all day long! You want to fantasize, forget to eat, and conjure up situations that blend truth and fantasy.

But in fact, you’re not sure where things are heading. So likely you hate wondering where they are and why they haven’t phoned.

The ambiguity appeals to your romantic sensitivities and your whims. Yet, despite the emotional instability, you know everything will be alright in the end—a joyful conclusion, no matter how crazy the journey.

To be on edge doesn’t imply it’s genuine love. On the contrary, it’s thrilling, but it’s also harmful.

The right one should make you feel protected, not uneasy. Not tense, but loved.

In the long term, seeking peace and protection is much more rewarding than chasing the thrill of uncertainty.

how to find your soulmate

  1. Choosing Looks Over Emotions When Finding Your Soulmate

You want someone who looks good, is this tall, doesn’t weigh too much. You despise baldness and fat individuals.

You give people a 1 to 10 rating based on looks, and you feel you deserve at least a 9. You want someone with excellent style, an interesting career, and a good salary.

You anticipate someone that makes you laugh, smile, and give you goosebumps every time you meet them.

You can’t let go once you have it. What matters is that you’re not alone. No matter how dismissive, rude, and non-supportive they are.

Therefore, you find yourself dissatisfied repeatedly in a relationship because you choose incorrect partners based on your wants and not your needs.

  1. Changing a Leopard’s Spots

You start off thinking they are great but are they really? You think they would be perfect if only, or if they had more of something.

You think that with enough patience and perseverance, you can change them. You can shape them into whatever you want. Isn’t it the purpose of true love, to inspire positive change?

This is where you are wrong. People change for love, but not to suit your agenda or your ideals.  People change for their own reasons, motivated by love, but sometimes by personal problems and needs.

Changing somebody you love never works!

  1. Rethink Romance

It could be that you have a false perception of a soulmate. You think romance is meant to be mystical, not realistic. Any great romance has a practical aspect.

Chemistry is important, but so is reliability. Sometimes, a little predictability makes life less stressful than daydreaming.

Don’t Settle For a Playmate When There Is a Soulmate Out There!

There is no one way to finding your soulmate and no one way to fall in love!

However, setting new criteria may help you on the road to discover your soulmate. Consider that you may need to develop and cultivate your soulmate relationship rather than chance it.

Soulmate status shouldn’t be cheap, even if they make your stomach do somersaults at first. Work on a relationship!

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