One of the engines known for its reliability and strength is the Cummins Engine. It is suitable for heavy, medium, and light-duty trucks. Recent studies show that out of all Ram 2500/3500 pickup owners, only a fraction of 75% has chosen Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, which is optional. A 1000 lb-ft of torque variant has been introduced in the year 2019. This platform of the engine does not focus on the interior of the diesel truck.

They focused more on the trust and the reputation of the engine. There is a united view that the Cummins engine is better than the Ram trucks. This is a bone of contention of many people, but the Cummins engine is the center of attraction of many people out there who are searching for a diesel engine pickup.

Since 1989, the Ram truck has been using the 5.9L variant, which has become outdated. But in 2008, the people who have chosen the Cummins engine option in their trucks also chose the 6.7L variant of the engine. The 6.7L variant is superior in the qualitative aspect to the 5.9L variant.

Despite this, the emissions control mandate strictly bounded Cummins to add an EGR system. This also meant that the EGR coolers’ failures in the variants of Power Stroke and Duramax would be present in the engine of Cummins. The failure for the engine of the 6.0L variant of Power Stroke was more common than the failures of the EGR cooler. Still, the failures were severe enough to cause huge damages to the engines.

Usage of Cummins EGR Coolers

The steam that is white in color and the smoke both comes out of the exhaust as the engine coolant enters the cylinders whenever the EGR cooler fails. This is thought of as a failure of the head gasket or the head of the cylinder as this would normally be the probable signs without an EGR system. This problem was not diagnosed properly as changing or replacing the head gasket, or the cylinder head did not solve it.

The reason for the same is that the root of the problem was unknown to the technicians and the Cummins. This, in turn, became a cause of trouble for the technicians and the owners of these vehicles, which proved to be very costly. Once this rumor of EGR coolers being ineffective got out and how there will be damages to the engines, the technicians with the charge of repairing looked out for a replacement suitable to the need. They will upgrade the system of replacement.

The EGR coolers use several tools in the factory. They utilize various things such as a tube and a heat exchanger with a fin style. The internal part of the EGR coolers used in the factories looks more like a radiator. But there is a huge drawback to this type of internals.

It is that, in this type of internals, the metals expand and then contract along with the heating and cooling of the internals of the EGR cooler. This puts huge pressure on the internals of the EGR cooler with time due to the continuous expansion and contraction. The reason for this is the internals of the EGR coolers do not have the required flexibility, which, in turn, leads to the heat exchanger cracking itself up. 

Another problem with this is that if the failure of the internals takes place, then the engine coolant enters the cylinder, or they might exhaust the cylinders. This will be more fatal in terms of the damage to the engine, which includes the failure of the cylinder head gasket. But what is even more surprising is that this kind of failure is common with every type of EGR cooler used in the factories, yet the Original Equipment Manufacturers aren’t looking forward to solving this problem. This is their selling tactics, as they know if they sell a part used in the replacement process that they know will fail, then it is opening the door for them to sell another one. This will increase their sales and profit too. 

There are some options available, like the aftermarket. But they are mostly similar in their design as the unit of the factory. Surely, they will fail in a very similar way as they are not even the improved versions. But some other aftermarket options are available, which will solve the core of the problem seriously by thinking about a unique way for the heat exchangers. 

The heat exchanger technology developed by Bullet Proof Diesel out of Mesa, AZ, is being patented by them, and they have named it as H-Core. They all manufacture their EGR coolers, which are BullteProof, at their plant for manufacturing at Mesa. They provide upgraded EGR coolers for many variants of Cummins engines. 

Now the question that crosses the mind of every enthusiast is that what is H-Core? It is awesome, and it also makes the EGR coolers at the factories very much trustworthy. It has a unique way of working. It does not use the traditional straight tubes, neither does it use rigid tubes. Instead, it uses a tubing system that is twisted. This twist in the tubes helps in flexing and moving swiftly.

It helps to reduce the pressure greatly on the bulkheads and also on the seams. These tubes may be called replacers of springs since they expand and contract accordingly without giving much pressure to the assembly of the heat exchanger. Another advantage of these twisted tubes is that they can be stacked together with each other very closely.

This allows more space for extra tubing and the cooler EGR gas, unlike in the tubing system of the traditional times involving straight and rigid tubes. This is news of contentment for the owners of the Cummins engine as they now do not have to install an EGR cooler used in the factories if their cooler fails due to any reason. Another possible option, which is great too, is that they can use the BulletProof EGR coolers and upgrade to them by their own will. 

But apart from these complications, the Cummins engine platform is trustworthy, and it provides long-lasting engines. The engines are highly refined and leave little space for improvement, apart from the exception of the EGR coolers used in the factories. You can click on to check more about it.