It is quite uncommon to follow blogs in 2021. Everyone moved to videos or vlogs. Yet bloggers still exist and some are more successful than others. Cedric Okiorina is one such example. This is one blogger that decided to remain humble and avoid vlogging all together.

What is interesting about Cedric Okiorina is that he is a travel blogger. Such blogs used to be extremely popular but with the rise of YouTube, it makes more sense to switch to videos.

Yet Cedric remains a compelling read. It would make much more sense for the audience of a traveler to view videos rather than read a bunch of text and see some photos. Blogging simply does not work as well as it used to for anything let alone for travel blogs.

Yet, despite the downfall in the popularity of blogs, Cedric Okiorina is an interesting individual to follow. His style of writing and this way of traveling makes him a very appealing blogger. Several factors contribute to the success of his blog.

  • Relatability

Unlike travel vlogs who make a lot of money from views, Cedric Okiorina does not make a considerable living out of his blog. He funds his traveling hobby by having a normal job. According to Cedric, he can afford to travel by working for a full year then taking a break from his full-time job to travel.

He makes it sound simple but it is something obtainable for anyone. Anyone can get a full-time job, save as much as possible for a year or two, and then start traveling for a while.

  • Frugality

Frugality is yet another aspect of Cedric’s blog. He describes his travel experiences from the perspective of a frugal person. Again, it is something attainable for anyone in his audience.

Traveling can be cheap if you are frugal about flights, accommodation, and food. This is also a contributing factor as to how Cedric Okiorina can travel so much despite not making a considerable living out of his blog. Even if he is modest about his writing, Cedric has a talent for writing in such a way as to keep his audience interested.

  • He is a good writer

Even if someone has something interesting to say, if they do not know how to say it or make it appealing to read, nobody would care about it. Cedric Okiorina has a writing talent. He also keeps his posts relatively short. You get enough information without much fluff.

He is a good writer

  • He gives good advice

Looking at traveling from the perspective of a frugal person, Cedric Okiorina tends to avoid the most popular tourist attractions. When it comes to food, he can find hidden gems that are usually popular with the locals. These places are more affordable than food places around tourist attractions.

His posts about these places make it easy to follow in his footsteps. You can take notes and go to places recommended in his blogs and you will discover that you will not need to spend all that much money.