As you travel around Singapore today, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful the country is. Singapore is a haven for all the fun you can imagine, from fascinating night tour safaris to breath-catching sceneries. Here are Singapore attractions to amaze you as you visit the country.

  • The Singapore zoo

The Singapore zoo is an ideal place to interact with Orangutans as they play around their habitat. Naturally, these apes are welcoming and engaging so that your day is imbued with fun and laughter.

The zoo provides half-day morning tours, and you can have breakfast with these apes as well. You will also learn more about these beautiful apes and take photos as a keepsake of your visit to the zoo. In addition, you will be treated to an international buffet at the Ah Meng restaurant situated in the Singapore Zoo.

  • The tiger brewery

Get tours around Singapore’s oldest beer brewery in the Tuas district. Learn how the tiger beer is brewed from scratch with mere ingredients. Also, taste the “wort,” a liquid that brewers make before it turns to beer.

While on this tour, you will drink the tiger beer and many others over a beer appreciation session. Capture enough photos with your camera to keep them as a souvenir for a visit to the brewery.

  • Gardens by the bay

The gardens by the bay in Singapore are home to millions of plants, waterways, and pavilions that offer breathtaking outdoor Singapore attractions. Get the chance to explore the expansive ecosystem while strolling through the various landscapes.

Get amazed by the world’s tallest indoor waterfall in the cloud forest conservatory. Besides, enjoy the Marina bay view from the flower dome conservatory. 

  • The Fort Canning Hill and the Singapore Battlebox

These spots are former World War II command centers located in the city. The management will provide you with guided tours and enumerate the details of the nerving battlefield encounters of brave soldiers. Relive the history of the 14th century and explore the ancient graves of Fort Canning Hill.

  • The Singapore cruise center and ferry terminals

Visit the Singapore cruise center, the Tanah Merah and Pasir Panjang ferry terminals. View the breathtaking scenery of the ocean by the night light or have tours while taking photos as mementos. Relax under the hot sun and treat yourself to a luxurious lunch at the nearby hotels.

  • The Singapore’s Chinatown

Get the authentic taste of the Chinese culture in Singapore and by visiting the magnificent Chinatown. Eat their great-tasting foods and snacks to forge a vivid understanding of what it is to live by the ways of the Chinese people.

The Singapore’s Chinatown

Also, please get to know how they worship by visiting the Buddha Tooth Relic temple and experience the morning drum ceremony in the early mornings. In addition, visit the Chinese Heritage Centre to see the fascinating Sri Mariamman Hindu temple.


Singapore is among the best tourist destinations in the world to retreat to and view breathtaking sceneries resulting from natural forces and human manipulation. If you happen to visit Singapore, be sure to have fun.