This year Mother’s Day falls on the 9th of May, which is on Sunday. You will be glad to know that there is ample time for you to begin preparing for this day. There is a lot that you can do on this day to make your mommy feel special. For the time till now, we all used to think of taking mommy to the spa for a shower or to the best hotels for a nice dinner; but this year, all of this will not be possible at all. We need to focus on a lot more, like some exciting Mothers day gifts and party preparation, apart from taking her out.

Make sure that you add in some imagination on this Mother’s Day and plan to give your dearest mommy the best Mother’s Day surprise, which she requires. Let me say it in a pandemic way, which is that she needs the quarantine fun now. This article is full of good ideas that don’t need you or your mom to leave the building, so you can keep practicing social distance and remain healthy. But what if you are at your place right now, which is probably far from your mom’s home. At such times there are so many virtual things that you can practice for her. We bet that these experiences that you can conduct through the web are worthy gifts for your mommy and will receive a thumbs up from her.

6 Mesmerizing Ways to Commemorate Mother's Day in 2021
6 Mesmerizing Ways to Commemorate Mother’s Day in 2021

Begin With a Nice Breakfast

We know that you must be thinking about how you can serve your mommy a nice breakfast when you are not with her. Here I am talking about the fact that now you can order her favorite breakfast from online food delivery apps. She will be taken aback, seeing how you have managed to surprise her with the early morning breakfast from her favorite restaurant.

Get a Nice Cake For Her

How can any celebration begin or end without a cake? You can order Mothers Day cake from the online shops for her. There are a multitude of varieties that you can choose from, such as chocolate cake, black forest cake, dry cake, nutty cake, or fruit ‘n’ nut cake. You can choose any of these for your dear ones. These are going to be the best cakes ever for you.

Present Her with Something Unexpected

Gifts are always special, and you must make your mommy feel special by giving her one of the best things ever. From a nice Chanderi saree, Kundan set, to a nice huge handbag for her travel, there is a lot that you have in the market to surprise her with. Please ensure that whatever you buy for her should be of her use and not something that keeps lying in the corner of the house.

Have a Netflix Party

If your mom is a movie enthusiast, then you can have a Netflix party with her. There are endless options on Netflix when it comes to watching movies along with her. With the option of a Netflix party, there is so much that you both can do. Watch movies, have conversations while binge-watching, and you both can make it a moment of memories.

Happy Virtual Hour with Her

Apart from this, you can also take out time, and Zoom calls her on this day to thank her for everything that she does for you. We are very happy to tell you that such random video calls and lovely messages will make your mom feel very special. Hence, this is something that you should keep constantly doing.

Spa Experience At Home

Lastly, we already mentioned that you could not take your mom out for a spa this year. However, you can certainly call someone at home to give the best spa experience to her at home. She will enjoy it and will be very happy that this one is coming from you to her.

These were some very amazing things that you can do with her on this Mother’s Day. She will certainly love it, and you will be happy to know that there is nothing else better than this. Choose the best Mother’s Day gift for her, and she is certainly going to be in awe of all of this that you have planned for her.



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