In our home, we want every room to be special. These rooms are an expression of ourselves, our interests and our personality. However, out of all the rooms, most of us want our bedroom to be the star. We spend a good portion of our life there, and it is a place where we go to relax, renew and recharge.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the bedroom of their dreams. It could be due to a lack of space, poor color choices, subpar decor or any number of other things. Thankfully, getting the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of may not be as hard as you think, and this article is going to show you how. Read on to learn five great tips for taking your bedroom to the next level.

Get a Better Bed

There is no doubting your bed is among the most important things in your entire bedroom. If your bed is old and lumpy, your sleep will surely suffer. And without quality sleep, you will miss out on the many benefits that being well-rested can provide.

Sleep can help you fight off diseases better, help your athletic performance, help your focus and generally help your productivity at school or work. When you choose a bed, it is all about choosing a mattress that is not only supportive, but also comfortable.

Of course, there are several different kinds of mattresses, with some of the most popular being the likes of memory foam and innerspring. There can be many pros and cons to each, and the right one for you can depend on budget, how much space you have and your sleeping position.

How you tend to sleep can also impact the type of mattress you should get. For example, this recent post goes through some of the best cooling mattresses, for those who tend to sleep hot.

Ensure You Have Enough Storage to Stay Organized

In an effort to ensure your bedroom is a relaxing space, it needs to be clean and free of clutter. Unfortunately, many of our homes are so full of things that we have no choice but to have them lying around everywhere. To combat this, be sure to create enough storage in your room to stay organized.

You can do this through adding a dresser, organizers on doors or walls, adding shelves or even having storage furniture like a storage bed or bench. Also, instead of adding more storage solutions, you could also reduce the things you own, as well.

Get the Color Scheme Correct

Colors are crucial to think about when designing any room in the home, but especially the bedroom. The colors in your room should be ones you like, but also ones that work well in bedrooms. Bedroom colors should be calming, relaxing and can provide a boost to your mood. In some cases, bedrooms can also be designed in colors that energize and invigorate you.

Thankfully, there are many great color choices for your bedroom that are sure to look incredible, no matter your preferences. Colors can elicit different moods, so try to base your decision on the color you would be happy seeing every morning when you turn on the lights.

Of course, be sure that the colors you decide to go with for the walls look good with your furniture, too. You don’t want things to clash, and also don’t want everything to be the exact same color or shade.

Fill it With the Right Decor

Choosing the right pieces of decor is another thing to consider on your quest to design your dream bedroom. This goes for any art you want to hang, to the plants you want in the bedroom, to the rugs or blankets in the room and anything else you put in it for decoration purposes.

Be sure to choose things you enjoy, but also ones that fit with the overall style and theme of the space. Be careful not to overdo it, however. Too many items of any kind (art, sculptures, books, etc…) in one room can make it look a little too busy or cluttered, even if that wasn’t the intention.

Ensure it is an Optimal Environment for Sleep

Optimal Environment for Sleep

While a bed is very important to how well you sleep, the rest of the sleeping environment is also something to think about. If your bedroom isn’t an adequate environment for sleeping, you will struggle to both get and stay asleep.

Your bedroom should be relatively dark, quiet and be the right temperature. Noise and light can make it very hard to sleep, but there are many ways to get by these issues from closing the curtains, wearing a sleep mask and playing calming sounds. While everyone is different, most people prefer a cool sleeping environment as opposed to a warm one.

In conclusion, by following these tips, you are well on your way to creating the bedroom of your dreams.