Romantic comedies can get really cliched at times, while they can even turn into classics if one has the right plot. Snafu is yet another romantic comedy anime but with a fresh plotline. The story unfolds with three loners in the same school who are forced by their school authorities to socialize with the other students. Later, these loners go on to help the other teenagers at school to solve the problems they face, like bullying, depression, etc.

The plot of the series has been written in a way that not only gives it a fresh vibe but it also makes its audience roll on the floor with laughter. Fans of the series have been eagerly waiting for the release of its third season. Will there be a season 4? Let’s find out!

Show details: 

Anime Series: SNAFU
Genre: Romantic


Slice of Life

Composers:  Kakeru Ishihama (Monaca)

Kuniyuki Takahashi (Monaca)

Original run: April 5, 2013 – June 28, 2013
Producers Junichirō Tanaka

Yōhei Hayashi

Kazuaki Takahashi

Takumi Kohama

Directed by: Kei Oikawa

Assistant director:

Takashi Ikehata

Licensed by: Madman Entertainment

Sentai Filmworks


Animatsu Entertainment

Written by: Shōtarō Suga

Keiichirō Ōchi

Original language: Japanese

SNAFU Season 4: Release Date

More about the show:

SNAFU is an anime series that belongs to the genre of Romantic comedy and Slice of life. The Light novel, on which it is based, has been written by Wataru Watari and Illustrated by Ponkan8. It has been published by Shogakukan and its English publisher is Yen Press. The Imprint of the light novel has been provided by Gagaga Bunko and it had an Original run from March 18, 2011, to April 20, 2021. It had 14 volumes and additional 4 short story collections.

The Manga based on this light novel was named My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected. It has been written by Rechi Kazuki and published by Square Enix. It was serialized in the magazine Big Gangan and had an Original run from September 25, 2012, till the present.

The Anime television series named, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU has been directed by Ai Yoshimura and has been produced by Hajime Maruyama, Junichirō Tanaka, Kozue Kaneniwa, and Kentarō Hattori. It has been written by Shōtarō Suga and its music has been given by Kakeru Ishihama (Monaca). 

The studio involved in its making is Brain’s Base and the show has been licensed by Madman Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, Medialink, and Animatsu Entertainment. It aired on networks like JNN (TBS, MBS, CBC, BS-TBS) and English networks like Anime Network and Animax Asia. It ran from April 5, 2013, to June 28, 2013. 


The 2013 teenager romantic comedy anime series that goes by the name – ” My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” is a slice of Life genre drama anime. The anime series is based on the light novel series that goes by the name – My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I expected which is penned by the author – Wataru Wataru. 

The Soubu High school where the plot of the series takes place is basically a huge flock of various kinds of teenagers who all try to desperately fit in the environment of the school. Even though he prefers to be a loner, the student Hachiman Hikigaya is forced upon to join one of his fellow schoolmates and actually a loner- Yukino Yukino and another classmate of his – Yui Yuigahama in order to allow them to form the Soubu High School Service Club. 

The trio is also unintentionally linked by the thread of a car accident that took place in the past. The story follows the journey of the three trying to help out their fellow adolescent schoolmates with the struggles and hardships of their daily lives and the complicated psychology of being a teenager.


  • The character of Hachiman Hikigaya has been voiced by Takuya Eguchi in Japanese and Adam Gibbs in English.
  • The character of Yukino Yukinoshita has been voiced by Saori Hayami in Japanese and Melissa Molano in English.
  • The character of Yui Yuigahama has been voiced by Nao Tōyama in Japanese and Cat Thomas in English.
  • The character of Saika Totsuka has been voiced by Mikako Komatsu in Japanese and Margaret McDonald in English.
  • The character of Hayato Hayama has been voiced by Takashi Kondō in Japanese and Scott Gibbs in English.
  • The character of Yumiko Miura has been voiced by Marina Inoue in Japanese and Christina Kelly in English.
  • The character of Hina Ebina has been voiced by Nozomi Sasaki in Japanese and Natalie Rial in English.
  • The character of Saki Kawasaki has been voiced by Ami Koshimizu in Japanese and Teresa Zimmermann in English.
  • The character of Kakeru Tobe has been voiced by Chado Horii in Japanese and Gareth West in English.
  • The character of Yamato has been voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara in Japanese and Orlanders Jones in English.
  • The character of Ōoka has been voiced by Minoru Shiraishi in Japanese and Daniel Regojo in English.
  • The character of Minami Sagami has been voiced by Minako Kotobuki in Japanese and Caitlynn French in English.


SNAFU is a Romantic comedy that has had two of its seasons released. Its first season premiered on April 5, 2013. It had 13 episodes and additional OVAs. The last episode of the first season went off air on June 28, 2013.

The second season of the series premiered on April 3, 2015. It also had 13 episodes and additional OVA, and its last episode went off air on June 26, 2015. The third season of the series was released on July 9, 2020. It had 12 episodes and its last episode aired on September 24, 2020.

What do we know about the fourth season?

Ever since the third season of the show went off air, fans of the show have been waiting for an announcement regarding its next season. However, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding its fourth season. Some do believe that makers of the show could make an announcement about its 4th season by Autumn 2022.