Transfers between moves are a challenge, since you have to find a place to live and take only a few belongings with you. Short-stay housing is the best option for people traveling for work or any other reason.

There are several options of this type of housing to rent; it can be a house or an apartment, of course the budget varies according to the category. They represent a simple solution for people with children, since living with them in a hotel would be a great expense.

Also, during this process it’s extremely important to find a reliable moving company that fits your needs. You can always choose one that suits your family and your budget.

In the following article you will learn everything you need to know about short-stay housing, so you don’t have to worry about any problems during your move.

Check all your options

Although the internet can give you access to information about short term housing, you should focus on finding a viable option.

One of those options is short-term rentals, in which you can keep the apartment or house for a short period of time, this is especially useful for people visiting an area for a week or more.

However, the price of these rentals is high, and increases if the period of stay is reduced.

Consult with an agent

Real estate agents have knowledge about temporary housing options. They know the areas in which homes are rented and can choose the one for you based on your budget. Although, agents are more interested in corporate rental bookings than vacation rentals.

Patient Search

If you know the dates of your stay in an area, take all the time to patiently search for the most appropriate short term rental. Search neighborhoods, communities, check with family or friends, as some short term rentals do not have an online platform, but they do exist, and their quality is amazing with a comfortable atmosphere. If you want a clean and safe place, you may have to compromise a bit on amenities, but make sure you never compromise safety.

What to do with your belongings?

Some short-stay houses are furnished, but this isn’t available everywhere. When bringing your belongings, try to have a small list so you can have everything prepared for the move. Taking a look online to search for the best professional movers in town will always be helpful.

You also have the option to ask your landlord if you can rent the furniture (only if it fits your budget) and save on transportation costs; there is no need to carry all the heavy furniture.

Set the length of stay

Rental prices will vary according to the length of stay. Temporary accommodations have offers for a one-week visit up to a stay of several months. Agree everything in advance with the owner and then start living there. But, if you exceed the length of stay, you will be charged more; choose a flexible option that fits your budget.

Consider your budget

Apartments and short-stay housing that are furnished are very attractive and comfortable, but charge more for those amenities. Don’t pass if you are on a tight budget; compromise on some things. If the short-term lease covers your base and gives you a parking space, it’s a win-win situation. And before you decide on any short-stay housing, shop around for a few rates first. That way you’ll be sure to explore as many options as possible.