Anime, we thought, is a thing of recent times. The oldest anime you could think of must be 10 years old. But what if I tell you, there is an anime that has been running successfully for two consecutive decades and its fan base has just widened over the years. Most shows lose their relevance and charm over time, especially when it goes on for more than a decade. Well, “One Piece” defies all these conjectures and goes on to be one of the most successful anime series in recent times.

The series revolves around a pirate Monkey D. Luffy, who happens to eat a devil fruit that turns him into a rubber man, through its powers. Luffy goes on his hunt, accompanied by his crew, to find the one-piece treasure of a former pirate king named Gold D. Roger.

Show details:

Anime series: One piece
Genre: Adventure


Composers:  Kohei Tanaka

Shirō Hamaguchi

Original run: October 20, 1999 – present
Producers 4Kids Entertainment
Directed by: Kōnosuke Uda 

Junji Shimizu 

Munehisa Sakai 

Hiroaki Miyamoto 

Toshinori Fukazawa 

Tatsuya Nagamine 

Kōhei Kureta 

Aya Komaki 

Satoshi Itō

Licensed by: Madman Entertainment


Manga Entertainment

Written by: Eiichiro Oda

Junki Takegami 

Hirohiko Kamisaka 

Shōji Yonemura

Original language: Japanese

One piece 957 Release Date

More about the show:

One piece is a popular anime television series that is based on a Manga of the same name, written by Eiichiro Oda. The show belongs to the genres of fantasy and adventure. It has been helmed by  Kōnosuke Uda, Junji Shimizu, Munehisa Sakai, Hiroaki Miyamoto, Toshinori Fukazawa, Tatsuya Nagamine, Kōhei Kureta, Aya Komaki, and Satoshi Itō. 

The show has been written by Junki Takegami, Hirohiko Kamisaka, and Shōji Yonemura, and it has been produced by 4Kids Entertainment. It was Licensed by Madman Entertainment, Funimation, and Manga Entertainment, and its music has been given by Kohei Tanaka and Shirō Hamaguchi. The show has had 999 episodes and its first episode premiered on October 20, 1999.

It originally aired on FNS (Fuji TV), while its English version aired on Network Ten, Cartoon Network (Toonami), YTV, TV Japan (via subtitled SAP), Cartoon Network, TV2, Animax Asia, Toonami, CN Too, Fox (4Kids TV), Cartoon Network/Adult Swim (Toonami), and 



The story of the series One Piece focuses on the life of Monkey D. Luffy during the great pirate Era. When the Pirate king Gold D. Roger upon his execution announced that he is leaving all his treasures in one place and named the treasure – “One Piece” encouraging all the pirates to find it, it started the Great Pirate Era. 

Luffy unintentionally happens to eat the devil fruit that gains him the powers of a rubber man. Luffy vows to become the pirate king by finding the One Piece treasure and goes on the journey to find it to the Grand Line along with his crew named – “The Strawhats”. 

The Strawhats pirates sum up a fairly talented and balanced roster that includes the pirate Hunter – Roronoa Zoro, Nami – who joins them through their journey, Usopp – a sniper and a compulsive liar, Vinsmoke Sanji – a perverted chef on their sail named  – Going Merry. 

The crew – “The Strawhats Pirates” faces later joinings with Tony Tony Chopper who is a doctor and side by side an anthropomorphized reindeer and  Nico Robin who is a beautiful lady who practices archaeology and worked formerly as an assassin and Franky who is a cyborg shipwright, Brook who is a swordsman and a skeletal musician and at last but not the least, Jimbei – a former member of the group of Seven Warlords of the sea who works as a fish-man helmsman.


  • The protagonist of the show Monkey D. Luffy’s character has been voiced by Mayumi Tanaka in Japanese and Colleen Clinkenbeard in English. 
  • The character of Roronoa Zoro has been voiced by Kazuya Nakai in Japanese and Christopher R. Sabat in English. 
  • The character of Nami has been voiced by Akemi Okamura in Japanese and Luci Christian in English. 
  • The character of Usopp has been voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in Japanese and Sonny Strait in English. 
  • The character of Sanji has been voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in Japanese and Eric Vale in English. 
  • The character of Tony Tony Chopper has been voiced by Ikue Ōtani in Japanese and Brina Palencia in English.
  • The character of Nico Robin has been voiced by Yuriko Yamaguchi in Japanese and Stephanie Young in English.
  • The character of Franky has been voiced by Kazuki Yao in Japanese and Patrick Seitz in English.
  • The character of Brook has been voiced by Chō in Japanese and Ian Sinclair in English.
  • The character of Jimbei has been voiced by Daisuke Gōri & Katsuhisa Hōki in Japanese and Daniel Baugh in English.


  • The series has had 990 episodes till now and all of these have been categorized into 20 arcs. 
  • The second arc is “Entering into the Grand Line” having 62-77 episodes. 
  • The third arc is “Introducing Chopper at the Winter Island” having 78-91 episodes.  
  • The fourth arc is “Arrival in Alabasta, Fierce Fighting in Alabasta” having 92-130 episodes.
  • The fifth arc is “Dreams!, The Zenny Pirate Crew Sortie!, Beyond the Rainbow” having 131-143 episodes. 
  • The sixth arc is “Sky Island: Skypiea, The Golden Bell” having 144-195 episodes. 
  • The seventh arc is “Escape! The Marine Fortress & The Foxy Pirate Crew” having 196-228 episodes. 
  • The eighth arc is “Water Seven” having 229-263 episodes. 
  • The ninth arc is “Enies Lobby” having 264-336 episodes.
  • The tenth arc is “Thriller Bark” having 337-381 episodes. 
  • The eleventh arc is “Sabaody Archipelago” having 382-407 episodes. 
  • The twelfth arc is “Island of Women” having 408-421 episodes.
  • The thirteenth arc is “Impel Down” having 422-456 episodes.
  • The fourteenth arc is “Marineford” having 457-516 episodes.
  • The fifteenth arc is “Fishman Island” having 517-578 episodes.
  • The sixteenth arc is “Punk Hazard” having 579-628 episodes.
  • The seventeenth arc is “Dressrosa” having 629-746 episodes.
  • The eighteenth arc is “Silver Mine, Zou, Marine Rookie” having 747-782 episodes.
  • The nineteenth arc is “Whole Cake Island, Reverie” having 783-889 episodes.
  • The twentieth arc is “Wano Country” having the 890 and the rest of the episodes.

What makes the 957th episode the highlight

Fans of One Piece have been amazed by the quality of Episode 957. This was its first episode to be released in 2021 and the makers made sure that it would be a real surprise to the Audience. What makes it amazing is the fact that it did not immediately fall into the third act of the Wano Country arc, instead, it presented its fans with the parallel information of the rest of the world while Luffy is on his treasure hunt.