Log Horizon is one of the most prominent action, science-fiction Japanese anime adaptations of the light novels of the same name by Mamare Touno Kazuhiro Hara. Making the debut on television in 2013, the anime series has a huge worldwide fan-following waiting to see Log Horizon Season 3. The second season of the series was released back in 2014, and it has been quite a while that a new season is due for the series.

Here, we bring you all the latest information about Log Horizon Season 3. Read the complete article to find out about the release date, cast, plot, and latest news related to your favorite show.

Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date

It is a piece of happy news for the fans that their favorite series Log Horizon is coming back with a new season. For the adamant fans, this news will seem heavenly. Log Horizon Season 3 will premiere on NHK Educational. The third season’s name will be the same as the name of the novel’s 12th volume, which is “Log Horizon: Fall of the Round Table.”

Although the new season has been announced, the released date is pushed further to the next year. Log Horizon Season 3 was scheduled to release in October 2020. But, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the whole entertainment industry. So, the production of the new season of the series was halted. Some sources reveal that Log Hunter Season 3 can release around January 13, 2021. But, most probably, the expected release will be somewhere in 2021.

Delay in Renewal

As we mentioned, two seasons have been released for this series. But, the Log Horizon Season 2 was released in October 2014. There was a delay from 2014 in the release of season 3 because the creator of light novels, Mamare Touno, was impeached for tax avoidance in 2015. This caused a delay in story writing, and the producers didn’t have enough content for Season 3 to produce a complete series.

English Version

The anime series Log Horizon is available (dubbed) in the English language on Crunchyroll. The English version of the series is voiced by some great voices, giving the audiences a very good experience. A Japanese version of Log Horizon with English subtitles is available on Hulu.

Log Horizon Season 3
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Log Horizon Season 3 Cast

As Log Horizon is an animated series, the cast consists of voice-over artists. Here is the cast of Log Horizon:

  1. Takuma Terashima (Japanese) and Mike Yager (English) voicing the character of Shiroe
  2. Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese) and Andrew Love (English) voicing the character of Naotsugu
  3. Emiri Kato (Japanese) and Jad Saxton (English) voicing the character of Akatsuki.
  4. Joji Nakata (Japanese) and Jovan Jaxon (English) voicing the character of Nyata
  5. Daiki Yamashita (Japanese) and Greg Ayres (English) voicing the character of Tohya
  6. Nao Tamura (Japanese) and Luci Christian (English) voicing the character of Minori
  7. Eriko Matsui (Japanese) and Meg McDonald (English) voicing the character of Isuzu

Log Horizon Season 3 Plot

The story of Log Horizon revolves around a young man and his adventure in the virtual world. This interesting journey is full of exploration and struggle. A boy, Shiroe, is a nervous and shy college student. He always day-dreams about a virtual world of his favorite multiplayer online game, Elder Tale. On the other side, the 12th expansion pack of a successful multiplayer online game was released. The eleventh expansion packs of “Elder Tale” were good in quality, but the new release brought a shock.

Some 30,000 gamers in Japan logged in the game during an update, and to their surprise, they suddenly entered into a virtual game world. They were even wearing costumes of the characters of the game. Even Shiroe, along with his friends, was included in those who entered the virtual world with no way out.

Apart from Shiroe, everyone was tense and shocked. So, Shiroe initiates a journey to learn about the restrictions and situations like people, reality, and politics of the new virtual world they are stuck in. He faces several struggles, and his friend, Naotusgu and Akatsuki, accompany him. Naotusgu is not very good at this game, and after a long time, he logged into the game without a hint of the future crisis.

The series shows some beautiful explorations by Shiroe and his friends. They help the residents of the place called Akihabara (also called Akiba). They bring peace and prosperity to the people of Akihabara.

When Shiroe helps the native residents, he goes on to win the trust of the people. Under Shiroe’s Round Table Alliance, the city prospers and becomes a better place for residency. However, soon the funds start to deplete, and they are caught up in a new hardship. When they come to know that spies from the Minami state are entering illegally and problematic forces are also increasing in other districts, another crisis starts. But, Shiroe views this as an opportunity for new research in the Elder Tale.

Shiroe, Naotsugu, and the Sage of Mirror Lake, Regan starts a new journey out from the city for new resources and discovers a path back home. We see the growth and change in Shiroe’s personality and his bravery when he brings back 30,000 gamers to the real world.

Log Horizon Season 3 Teaser

The NHK in Japan shared a teaser of Log Horizon Season 3 on its official social media page. The teaser gave a glimpse of the next season of this popular anime series. It promises a lot of drama and fun for the audience.

Log horizon was a television series adaptation of a Japanese novel with the same name. Its first season was released on October 5, 2013. Another season came out on October 4, 2014. Since the Log Horizon Season 2 finale, the fans have been waiting for the third season excitedly. As per the sources, we can expect a new season of the series, and it will certainly have some intruding and interesting sequences for the audience. Stay connected for all the latest news about Log Horizon Season 3.


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