YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform has paved many people in carving their talent and becoming popular faces around the world. One such example is Jake Paul. With the mention of his name, it must have reminded you of his twin brother. Both are equivalent in terms of good looks and of course, as successful YouTubers.

Besides earning a lot of fame as a YouTuber, Jake is also an entrepreneur of social media. Now, it won’t be wrong to say that the immense attention that he got is all from his brother Logan. But other than him, he gets much attention from the Disney channel show (Bizaardvark) also. Most of his videos garner million appreciation from viewers who follow his YouTube channel.

Other than gaining tremendous success, Jake often gets surrounded with controversies all because of his breathtaking action as well as some adult content that does not comply with YouTube standards. Besides this, Jake was also ousted from the television series of Disney channel. He was also held for illegal trespassing.

If you have known much about his brother Logan, then time to know about Jake Paul and his early life, career, total earning, etc. So let’s get started.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Jake Joseph Paul
Stage Name: Jake Paul
Gender: Male
Birthday: 17 January 1997
Place Of Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Age: 24 years old
Height: 185.4 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Single
Ex-Girlfriend: Julia Rose
Profession: American YouTuber, Internet personality, actor, and musician
Total Net Worth: $20 million

How much Jake Paul's Net Worth

Early Life

Jake was born in 1997 in America on 17th January to a middle-class family. He shares his siblinghood with his YouTuber fame brother Logan Paul. Jake began his YouTube career with Vine, which no longer exists today. However, he had already gained an immense fan following and a billion viewership before its closure.

Age & Appearance

According to the date of birth, Jake Paul is too young by age. He is just 24 years old standing tall at six feet one inch. In terms of physical appearance, he is not too far behind his good looking brother, Logan Paul. He is as handsome as him, having glowing fair skin with captivating green eyes that are enough to attract several girls in one go.

Personal Life

Jake had been in a relationship with multiple women including Tana, Erika, Tessa, Alissa, and Saxon. He even married one of them, but it later came out as a publicity stunt.


Jake began his YouTube career eight years ago in September. When the American social network video hosting service, Vine got closed, four years ago, then he bagged a role in Bizaardvark, a Disney sitcom series. He became famous with his punchline It’s Everyday Bro!

Jake did not continue after the first season of this sitcom and was soon ousted from it. During that phase, he became surrounded by multiple controversies. Some of them included complaints regarding jokes and breathtaking stunts.

He even got his address published on social media platforms paving several fans waiting outside his rented accommodation to have a glimpse of him. During an interview with a Hollywood entertainment media confessing he was fired from the sitcom show, all because of his wild parties, and also because of his coverage by the media.

Launch Of Team 10

A digital marketing platform was formed by YouTuber Jake long ago in January. The main motive behind the launch was to advertise entertainment for the young generation. A music video with a song, It’s Everybody Bro was also launched by him. The video garnered more than 60 million viewership in a few months.

Semi-Nude Video

Way back in 2018, Jake released an inappropriate video where he and one of his girlfriends were shown in an intimate position. However, it was listed in the age-restricted category by YouTube.

Jake The Boxer

Other than a YouTube career, Jake added a new quality of a boxer and experienced his debut bout match against the fellow YouTuber opponent, and came out as a winner after knocking his opponent down.


In most of the videos, Jake has garnered a billion viewership on social media. This made him popular among the masses. Jake had been part of various ad projects that came three years ago. He also got into the nomination list of millionaire young YouTubers in America. Various media including print and electronic had taken interviews of him.


Just like money blindfolds a man, fame does the same. As has been mentioned above, Jake had been surrounded by so many controversies, that led to his ousting from the sitcom show. One such incident happened when one of the girls who came as a guest to his flamboyant party complained about some intoxicated content that had been mixed into their drinks, which caused them faint.

A mother even mentioned that her daughter who became part of the party Jake ended up in hospital along with other girls. They were found in semi-nude condition, and could barely stand or walk.

Net Worth Of Jake Paul

According to 2021, $20 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of famous YouTuber Jake Paul. He earned his massive income all because of his successful video posting that garnered billion viewership. He became a famous face in America, especially amongst the young generation. His other source of income comes from his marketing company Team 10.

Final Words

Where there is fame, controversies are indeed possible to happen. But let us not emphasize the dark side. What one must notice or say takes a lesson from Jake Paul that age has nothing to do with success. If you dream to do big, then you can surely achieve it through your sheer hard work and dedication. At a very young age, this YouTuber tasted success, not just because of any luck, but for his determination and focus towards his career goal. Today, he is regarded as one of the successful and popular YouTubers in America.


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