Ducted heating and cooling is an integral part of most of the homes in Australia. It is an ideal choice for extreme temperatures whether it is the sultry heat in summers and frosty climate in winters. If you are apprehensive about whether or not to install ducted heating and cooling device at home, you will find this article useful. This device is convenient in accumulating the cold air in the room and converting it into warm air to keep your rooms warm and cozy. You must not underestimate its importance as you will feel its need for all seasons. They are the best devices that prove to be a blessing in extreme climates.

What is Ducted Heating and Cooling?


A ducted heating and cooling system is primarily used to centrally heat up the entire house. In this system, the fan draws in the cold air from the room that runs through the heat exchanger. Here they heat the air and distribute it through the effective ducts that are channelized through the multiple channels fixed on the walls and floors of the room. These ducts are fitted on the floor and ceilings to percolate the heated air in the house. The warm air reaches the outlets and spreads in the interior, and makes you feel warm and receptive when you reach home after a hard day work. Thus, installing ducted heating and cooling vents at home will keep it cozy and prevent you from getting cold.


Different Parts of a Ducted Heating and Cooling System:


  • The first part of this system is a heating unit. It helps in assembling cold air through the fan and the electric or gas combustion unit helps to heat the extracted air.
  • The heated air is then circulated throughout the house using the insulated ducts and pipes.
  • The next part is the registers and vents, which carry the warm air from the inducted ducts and pipes.
  • Another vital part is the grilles that play an important role of circulating air back to the heating unit. However, the heating unit is the actual unit that replaces cold air with hot air.
  • Last but not the least is the thermostat; you can use them to regulate the temperature of the room. You can control the intensity of the temperature by using a specific setting on the ducted heating system.


Benefits of using Ducted Heating and Cooling System:


  • Installing this system helps in balancing the temperature in winters and summers – hot in winter and cool in summer. It offers premium quality cooling in extreme heat that will soothe your family.
  • Another reason why consumers opt for this system is its energy efficiency attribute. If you are looking for a cost-effective and energy-efficient system, then prefer investing in this system. If you compare this system with other models, it is much more reasonable option that will conveniently fit your budget. It also saves a lot of money on your electricity bills. However, you can opt for the model that has maximum rating or stars.
  • It is an eco-friendly option that does not emit harmful gases that are detrimental to the environment.
  • It is ideal for all weathers and flexible enough to heat the room or cool the room.
  • You can control the temperature through the operators; you can increase or lower the temperature as per your need and preferences at home.



In this article we has tried to encompass all the vital facts that you need to know about the ducting system and what makes it an inevitable choice for the consumers.


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