Similar to how the suit has always been power-wear for men in official settings, the bathrobe has held an iconic position in private settings. From silver-screen protagonists to real life business leaders and celebrities, the rich and famous really do prefer premium bathrobes when they are in a relaxed mood. As for how you should choose a bathrobe for the man in your life, or even for yourself, we have five tips that might help.

Buy from the Best

When you are trying to buy the best, premium bathrobe you can, you should definitely look at designer brands. The collection of Versace men’s bathrobes for 2021 comes highly recommended, especially since these are now in stock with SSENSE.

Online visits to branded shops being the only safe choice during these times, that is good news indeed. Very few bathrobes have ever looked more regal than the Versace Black I Heart Baroque, especially when coupled with the Gold & Black Slippers from Versace. They have a big, trendy collection from 2021 available now, so look through all your options before checking out.

Pay for the Fabric

No piece of clothing should feel rough on the skin and still be allowed to carry the luxurious tag. Since a bathrobe will cling to your skin, this fact should hold even more importance than it does in general. You should be looking for bathrobes made from high-quality, naturally soft fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, cotton – terrycloth, wool and cashmere.

Any polyester derived fabric is to be avoided because the plastic polymers are known to cause health hazards. Men’s or women’s bathrobes made from non-polyester blends like cotton-terrycloth, or pure, natural fabrics like Egyptian cotton are always going to be expensive, but they are always going to be worth the extra cost.

Keeping the Weather in Mind

The local weather conditions at the time of ordering your bathrobe should be a big factor. For example, cotton-terrycloth bathrobes are ideal to keep you warm and to help you get dry after taking a bath. They are just as suited for the summer months as they are during autumn.

However, you will need heavier, warmer materials such as cashmere or wool to keep you warm when the winter starts to hit hard. A man should have at least a couple of bathrobes for each major season change. Look through the wardrobe, sort your current selection of bathrobes, and then decide on what you are lacking.

Style and Fashion

There is a reason why silk or satin was not mentioned, although they are a premium choice of fabrics for making bathrobes. We are keeping the fashion trends oriented for men in particular, and those two may not be ideal in that respect. There are a few classic and contemporary trends in men’s robes that will not let you down, if you pay attention to the details. Let’s briefly go through what those are next:

Shawl Collar Bathrobes – It does not get more classic than the men’s shawl collar bathrobes, which is the same trend that Versace and several other luxury designers are promoting this year. If some of those shawl collar bathrobes remind you of kings, then that is because the style originated from the King’s Robe.

Hooded Bathrobes – It is difficult to determine whether the first premium bathrobe with a hood was inspired by boxing, or the ancient monks who wore them. Nevertheless, as long as the material is premium, the brand is reputed, and it gets cold enough to put the hood on, you will appreciate the ability to keep your head comfortable right after a bath.

Golden Bathrobes – This is a recently emerging trend which goes back by thousands of years. Although they are flashy, if you can carry off the beautiful gold hue with confidence, no other men’s robe feels more closely related to the robes of ancient kings and Monarchs.

Choice of Colour

Colour is one area of the bathrobe selection process for men, where there is ample room for experimentation. Of course, we can stick to more established choices such as black, navy, white, off-white, grey and burgundy, but that is entirely up to the wearer. If you are trying to select a gift, then it matters more. The colour should be selected based on the man’s:

  • Personality and preferences
  • Sense of fashion
  • Choice of colours in other clothing
  • Present collection (no point in having two bathrobes of the same colour and shade)

This is all there is to selecting the best men’s bathrobes, whether for you or for someone close to you. Since robes touch our skin directly, comfort, brand name and fashion take priority, and in that exact order. Do not be shy about involving the person you are buying the bathrobe for if it gets too confusing though.