Are you on the fence about boarding your loft? If you’re still unsure about considering professional loft boarding, keep reading. Below, we’ve got a list of five reasons to get a loft boarding installation.

We’ve also incorporated some tips on how to transform your attic if you plan to use it. We included tips on how to make it liveable, good for storage, and more. You’ll also learn how to pick the right loft boarding company and material below.

  • Loft Boarding Gives You More Space to Live In

Did you know that 8 in 10 people in the US prefer to live in a single-family house, but only 7 in 10 do? Living in a house offers a lot of great benefits. It offers more space for each family member, more storage space, and more yard space.

Plus, if you live in a house, you can make your dream of living in the attic a reality. We’re not talking about hiding and living in other people’s attics as some homeless people do now. We’re talking about having an inspired attic bedroom.

Before you can move up and live in your attic bedroom, you must first install loft boarding in it. Otherwise, you’d fall through the floor of the attic or the ceiling, depending on how you see it. The same applies if you bring furniture like beds up your attic without boarding the loft first.

This is especially vital if you plan to move into your attic and to make it your bedroom. Before you place bedroom furniture in it, you must make sure that it can handle its weight. Pick high-quality materials and a professional, so your attic floor is secure.

Do you need tips on making your attic bedroom look more habitable? Paint the walls white to allow more light to spread and to make the room feel bigger. You can also style it as a lounge room or office instead of a bedroom if you don’t want to sleep in it.

Important Benefits of Professional Loft Boarding

  • It Makes Moving Around in Your Attic Safer

As we mentioned, if you want to move around in your attic, you must first get professional loft boarding into it. Even if you don’t plan to use the attic as a bedroom or other form of living space, board the loft up, anyway. This way, you can walk around in the attic without having to watch where you must walk.

This also matters if you’ve moved in from a house that had its loft boarded. If you’re often preoccupied, and you have a tendency to forget about your new attic, you may get into an accident. You can make your home safer by having professionals install loft boarding first.

The same also applies if you have housemates that are kids or forgetful senior citizens. They may make the mistake of venturing up into your attic without your guidance. Before they fall into danger, pick the right loft boards for your attic first.

Consider things such as:

  • Design of the roof
  • Insulation
  • Size of the boarded area
  • Type of wood
  • Cost of loft boards

It’s good to have a few extra boards in case you may need them. However, try not to get more than you need. If you calculate well, you’ll have enough loft boards.

  • Boarding a Loft Increases Your House Value

Do you think you’re most likely to move out into a new house after a few years? The average American moves a little over 11 times in their lifetime or over 9 times once they’re 18. If you think you’re most likely to move into a new home and sell your house, then boarding your loft is a good investment.

If you plan to sell your house in the future, you can get more out of it when you have loft boarding. A full habitable loft conversion can have a big impact on the price of your house later. Even simple but well-made loft boarding can add big value to the total price of your house.

  • You Spend Less on Energy Bills

Another big advantage of boarding the loft is that you reduce heat loss in your home. With a thicker layer over your ceiling, heat doesn’t escape into a non-insulated roof and out of your house. The more heat remains in your home, the more you can save on heating bills.

Boarding installation will also add an extra layer of protection to the insulation. If your loft boarding gets installed well, it won’t damage your insulation. This added layer of insulation protection keeps you from spending on insulation replacement.

It’s not true that your loft boarding will keep dampness in the home. The truth is that the opposite will occur. Loft boarding installed well can release dampness and keep heat in the home.

Are you looking to learn more about how loft boarding can improve your home? Find out more about the misconceptions of loft boarding installation now.

  • Boarding Your Loft Makes It Easier to De-Clutter Your House

When you board your loft, you’re not only creating extra room for living in. You can also use your attic as an extra storage room instead. Remember, your loft can be as wide as your main rooms.

This is a good choice if you feel like your house is getting too crowded with too much stuff. Don’t forget to throw away stuff you don’t need or can’t use anymore when you de-clutter. Otherwise, your extra loft space may also get crowded very fast.

If you’re running out of storage space in your home, it’s most likely time to get a professional to board your loft. When picking loft boarding services, remember to read through the reviews for their work. A reliable, professional loft boarding company should also provide reference information if you ask for it.

Consider Boarding Your Loft Now

Those are the top benefits of having professional loft boarding done in your home. We hope this guide on loft boarding helped you understand why you should get your loft boarded. We also hope you know why it’s crucial to hire a professional rather than DIY your loft boarding.

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