The digital marketplace has never been more saturated than it is right now. Since consumers are constantly being bombarded with ads both in-person and online, you’ll need to work hard to make them look twice at your page.

To make sure you stand out, you’ll need some creative digital marketing designs. Having a cohesive and unique aesthetic online is an easy way to set your page apart.

Keep reading, and we’ll give you four kinds of social media designs that you can use to market yourself online.

  • The Right Logo

Having the right logo to use for your social media pages, website, or products is crucial to good digital marketing. A good logo is simple but unique and tailored to the aesthetic of your brand.

If you’re a twitch streamer or an influencer, for example, you might want to design an avatar to use across all platforms. You can do this easily with the graphic design tools from Adobe Spark.

If you’re selling a product, you might want to use a picture that represents your company, or the company’s initials. For instance, if you’re a fashion designer, your logo could be a needle and thread.

Digital Marketing Design Ideas

  • Videos

Sharing a high-quality video of your workspace and what you do is a good way to lend credibility to your brand. You can include these on your website and post them on social media.

If you’re selling handmade goods like jewelry, your customers will love seeing a montage of how your products get made.

People like to see what’s going on behind the scenes because it makes them feel like they’re in the know, and it gives them a tangible reason to trust your products.

Inject your personality into your videos. People like to know the creators they’re supporting!

  • Banners and Flags

The sister of a great avatar is a great banner. You’ll need one for your Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube pages, and you can use them for your website and Instagram posts as well.

To take your banner to the next level, you should use a flag designer. This online design software will give you templates to spark your imagination, and make sure your banner is the right size for every platform.

You can use banners for more than just your logo or brand name. You can also make one that shows your support for social justice movements, holidays, and other current events.

  • Mission Statement

To make sure consumers know what you’re all about, design an aesthetically pleasing and concise mission statement that you can post on social media and keep on your website.

60% of consumers found themselves more concerned with making ethical purchases after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Transparent business practices are more important to your digital marketing than ever.

In your mission statement, you can tell your customers why they can feel good about supporting you, both in regards to ethical business practices and good-quality products.

Find the Best Digital Marketing Designs

Now that we’ve given you a few ideas, get out there and take your professionalism up a notch with the right digital marketing designs. The possibilities are endless!

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