Yung Joc is a popular award-winning American rapper who’s known for several hit songs, especially his multiple nominated and awarded “It’s Going Down”. 

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the rapper started his career in humble beginnings. He eventually managed to release several songs that caught the attention of record label producers.

He eventually managed to get signed into Bad Boy South Record Label where he was able to produce his debut album and gained popularity.

The rapper eventually continued to produce more hit songs and albums until his success helped him create his own record label “Swagg Team Entertainment”.

With all the success he’s gained throughout his career, he’s now become one of the most popular rappers in the world. If you’re interested in him then keep reading as we’ll show you more about his career, personal, net worth, and more. 

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Yung Joc

Full Name: Jasiel Amon Robinson
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 2, 1983
Place of Origin: Atlanta Georgia, United States
Age: 37
Height: 5’6” ft
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Wife: Alexandria Robinson
Profession: Rapper
Total Net  Worth: $4 million

Childhood and Early Life

Yung Joc, or popularly known as Jasiel Amon Robinson was born on April 2, 1983, in Atlanta Georgia.

There isn’t a lot known about the early life of the rapper except that his father was the owner of a hair-care products company. His father also managed to help and support the young rapper during his early years.

Through the influence of his father’s company, it managed to help him get light in his rap career by writing a jingle for the multinational skincare company “Revlon”. 

Personal Life

Young Jock was married back in 2001 to Alexandria Robinson where the couple had three children during their time together. Though eventually, their marriage didn’t work out as they eventually filed for divorce in 2014.

As Young Joc was enjoying the single life, he was formerly known to date other women with whom he also had children with. Some of those known children were namely Amir, Chase, Eden, Allon, Camora, and Amoni. 

Career as a Rapper

Young Jock started his venture as a rapper way back in 2005 where he released a rap song with a collaboration with Nitti Beatz called “It’s Going Down”.

The song became a huge hit and helped the rapper be signed with the record label “Bad Boy South”, where he was able to produce his first album “New Joc City”. 

He later produced the song “I Know U See It” where it and his previous song was able to reach the top 20 in the “Billboard Hot 100”.

Young Joc continued his success by releasing his second album in 2007 called “Hustlemonics”. The album included several notable songs such as “Bottle Poppin” and “Coffe Shop”.

A year later the rapper continued to be in the limelight by being featured in several songs such as “So Fly” and “Get Like Me”. By 2009, he released a mixtape called “Yeah Boy” from his third album called “Mr. Robinsons Neighborhood”.

He then continued to make several more songs and also released his hit single in 2014 called “I Got Bitches” which he added to his third album. Afterward, he continued to pursue other ventures through his rap career.

Other Career Ventures

Aside from his rap career, Young Jock also had other business ventures which also helped his career in the rap industry grow. He managed to found the record label, “Swagg Team Entertainment”. It was formed right after Jock’s controversial lawsuit with Block Entertainment and Bad Boy Entertainment. 

In 2014, the rapper also went into reality television when he joined “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. This was a VH1 reality television about the lives of several Hip Hop artists where Jock would become a supporting cast member in the series. 

In 2017 he also joined a horror reality TV series called Scared Famous as a competitor in the first season.  

Controversies during his Career

As Young Jock’s career was growing, he managed to undergo several controversies and feuds with other fellow rappers and record labels. One of these feuds included the rapper Gucci Mane when he released the song “Fuck the World”.

The song had a line written, “I got all eyes on me like Pac did, but I ain’t trying’ to go broke like Joc did”. Jock was angered by the rapper’s song and had several responses to Gucci Mane.

Another controversy that the rapper was caught up in was in 2009 where he sued Block Entertainment and Bad Boy entertainment. This was caused by the record labels being unable to pay him royalties for his music. 

Though the matter was settled eventually, it still didn’t stop Young Jock to be intertwined with problems as in 2012, he sued another record label in Atlanta.

He and other record labels filed a lawsuit case against the label “Record Mind Music” due to a breach of contract and copyright infringement. 

Awards and Achievements

With the rapper’s long term career, he managed to get nominated for several awards over the years.

Some of his nominations include the Grammy Awards for “Best Rap Song”, Billboard Music Awards for “Top Rap Artists”, BET Hip Hop Awards for several Hip Hop related nominations, and also the MTV Music Awards for “Best Rap Video” and “Monster Single of the Year”.

Young Jock also managed to win the 2006 BET Hip Hop Awards for the “Hip Hop Track of the Year” on his song “It’s Going Down”.

Young Jock’s Total Net Worth

Yung Joc has created a successful career not only from Hip Hop songs but also from his own record label. With all this, the rapper has managed to pile up a total net worth of over $4 million. 

As his career in the record industry is still growing, we can expect him to achieve more success in the future.


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