As people age, they often think that it’s going to be harder (if not impossible) to find a second chance at love. In truth, this used to be partially true. Before the internet, it was extremely hard to connect with other senior singles outside of your day-to-day routine.

This led many seniors to believe they would be alone forever, but the ones that went out and actively pursued a relationship were eventually able to find a partner. Thankfully, the internet (and online dating) has made this relatively time-intensive task into a reasonable goal for any senior single looking for love. But how so? Read on to find out!

Taking the Plunge

If you’re not very experienced using the internet, it can seem very overwhelming at first, especially if you’re trying the same services the “kids” use (like Tinder or POF). Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Many dating sites and mobile apps are dedicated purely to senior dating, like a mature chat or a specialized platform for older singles to meet each other, so we would suggest those as a starting point. These have a few specific advantages, such as:

  • Simplified interfaces for a shallow learning curve
  • Senior-only services instantly connect you with local people in your age range
  • Free services are usually offered by most dating sites, allowing you to learn as you go without worrying about a financial commitment

The Advantage of Modern Technology

The blessing of the internet is that it allows for instant connection between individuals around the world, regardless of your location. Of course, you’ll most likely be searching for a more local type of love, but if you prefer a long-distance relationship, you can easily find these online!

First, you’ll have to choose which route you want to try: online dating sites or online dating apps. This is entirely up to personal preference, but we would suggest searching for a site that also has a mobile app, or at least an optimized web version for the mobile devices (those can be handy too!) You can learn the interface and get used to the process using the desktop version, then take advantage of the mobile app as you get more acclimated to the platform.

Online Chat Is the Way to Go

Online dating services almost always offer a chat service. This is the best way to meet new people (and potentially find romance!). Using your choice of dating platform, you can connect with other senior singles on the site and start having conversations.

Chatting allows you to get to know more about a person before you commit to meeting up with them. Also, it helps you to get used to the person and talk to them without worries that might trigger any health issues. If you “click,” ask them out on a date! If not, you can simply move onto the next potential match.

Of course, just because they’re not a great romantic match doesn’t mean they won’t be a great friend, so you can also meet new friends while expanding your romantic options!

Starting a Conversation Over 50

We get it: starting a conversation online can be hard, especially if the entire process is new to you. Here are five short tips to help you when you’re just starting to chat. Mature singles won’t be single for long if they follow these few tips!

  • Be polite! First impressions are everything, so you’ll want to come off as a nice person first and foremost.
  • Ask questions. This helps you get to know them and also takes the focus off of you.
  • Never open with sex talk. Although appropriate on certain sites, in general, you should avoid using sexual talk as an opener.
  • Tell them a bit about yourself. Fun facts, random stories, and personal preferences are all great talking points when you’re getting to know someone new online.
  • Have fun! Online dating isn’t a high-pressure event, so don’t stress too much. Just enjoy the process!