When you hear the word “elopement,” what do you think of? Do you imagine running off to Las Vegas for an Elvis-themed wedding? What about getting married in the woods to avoid disapproving parents?

While these things are definitely elopements, in reality, eloping doesn’t always look like a runaway marriage. Elopements can still be formal events, even if they’re intimate and small.

In that case, what’s the difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding? We’re here to discuss it.

Keep reading to learn all about elopements to determine if it’s the right choice for you and your future spouse.

What Is an Elopement?

So what does elope mean?

When a couple chooses to elope, it means that they’ve gotten married with very minimal planning involved. When most people think about elopements they imagine that the couple is running off into the sunset without a plan at all, but this isn’t always true.

You can elope last-minute, but most couples today tend to plan a few months ahead of time. The elopement may just be the couple or they may have one or two friends and a photographer on board.

What is an Elopement

Why Would Someone Choose to Elope?

Weddings are a lot of stress and a lot of money. Not everyone is interested in all of the bells and whistles of a standard wedding and they’d rather spend that time and money on more important ventures, like a home, a trip, or family responsibilities.

People may also choose to elope if they aren’t able to have friends and family members at a wedding ceremony or if they’re isolated from disapproving family members. When you elope, no one else matters.

People who elope are still able to have nice clothes and photographers. Elopement dresses and suits are no different from the ones for weddings (though you may choose cheaper options) and there’s no reason that you can’t document the moment with photos. As a matter of fact, elopement photos are often more intimate than wedding photos because the focus is only on the couple.

If you choose to elope in a scenic location, you can get incredible photos.

Is an Elopement The Same as an Intimate Wedding? 

So what if you still want a party and you want to plan out your elopement?

If you’ve spent significant time planning, it’s probably not an elopement. There’s nothing wrong with an intimate wedding, but these weddings are often still expensive and they still have a guest list (even if it’s only several dozen people).

If you want to elope, you don’t want the party. You just want you and your partner and maybe a good photographer to document the moment.

Are You Ready to Elope?

Is it time to take the plunge and marry your partner? Sure, you could plan out a full wedding bash, but if you’re into something more intimate, consider an elopement instead. The day isn’t about your friends and family; it’s about you and your partner.

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