Ecommerce website designs and functionality is evolving with time. Some businesses rely mostly on the functionality of their ecommerce website to conduct business activities. They mainly depend on online sales and transactions to survive.

You must add some functionalities to your ecommerce website, which may or may not be necessary to add to the ordinary website. For example, online payment options are very important in an ecommerce website, whereas payment options are not important in standard or informative websites.

In this article, we will learn what important steps that you must perform while developing an ecommerce website are.

Tips For Building An Ecommerce Website From Scratch
Tips For Building An Ecommerce Website From Scratch

Top 6 steps involved in creating an ecommerce website

If you are preparing to create an ecommerce website from scratch, then there are few steps that you must follow to ensure your website is providing the required functionality and is not a failure.

Following are a few steps you must follow to develop an ecommerce website.

Buying a domain name

One of the first steps in developing an ecommerce website is to have a domain name. Your domain name shows your brand name, and it becomes your identity. You can add your business name to the domain name with the domain extension. Your domain name must be in such a way that it exhibits your business objectives, and the extension is most preferably .com. Contact a service provider host to request a domain name by paying them some amount.

A web developer

You will need a professional and expert web developer to execute your website plans. They will work on the front-end and back-end development of your website. Without the interface and functionality of a website, it is incomplete. Hire the services of eCommerce solutions Dubai located firms to design and develop your ecommerce website under expert supervision.

Select a theme

Discuss the website theme with your web developer. The theme may be about discussing the background color, the text color, placement of pictures, videos, and other website elements. Try selecting a website theme that is more appealing to the human eye.

Payment/ shipping partner

Add payment rules and restrictions to your website. Add the list of countries you will be shipping your products and services and respective shipping charges for each region. Define the payment methods and services. Paypal, Google pay and Amazon pay are some of the very common online payment methods.

Publish your website

Once you complete the design and development of your ecommerce website, the next step you need to perform is to publish your websites. You cannot publish your website if you do not have a domain name so, do not forget to get a domain name for your ecommerce website and then publish your website. Soon after you post your website, it becomes visible to your users, and they can make transactions online.

What pages must an ecommerce website contain?

You cannot create a single page website to help the website visitor know about you, your services and your products. For this purpose, you need to add multiple web pages to reduce the complexity and increase the website’s understandability.

Following are the very important pages of an ecommerce website.

Home page

Every website must contain a home page. It is one of the very important pages of a website; every user is directed to this page as soon as they log into their accounts or visit a website. The home page contains chunks and brief details and links to all the other webpages of a website. Your homepage design must be in coherence with various page designs. Reach eCommerce solutions Dubai based services to design an ecommerce website with consistent page designs and high loading speed.

Services page

Services pages an ecommerce website will inspire a buyer to know more about your services. They can look for the services and products you provide and the customers who have benefited from your services.

Contact us page

Allow the website visitor to contact you by providing your email address, phone number, social media handles or by filling a contact form. Contact pages are very important for the existing clients to file any complaint, share their views and for new clients to inquire about your services or products in detail.

About us page

It is important to convey your objectives and website goals to the visitors. Every ecommerce website must contain an About us page to help the visitor understand who you are and the reasons behind your existence online.

Decrease the cost of running a store with an Ecommerce website

For many businesses, running a physical store is not cost-effective as compared to an online store. Having an ecommerce website for your business is a one time cost and does not cost too much maintenance cost. On the other hand, physical stores require a workforce to deal with the customers and are always time-dependent. On an ecommerce website, you do not have to be always available to listen to your customers; you can use AI technologies to deal with their requests, which is not possible with a physically existing store.



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