HBO premiered the shadow-filled first episode of The Outsider back in January 2020. The show is an adaptation of the 2018 crime novel by a well-known writer, Stephen King.

It’s a known fact that Stephen King is the best when it comes to writing horror stories. He published The Outsider in 2018. After that, the book had gained popularity overnight.

Due to the book’s popularity, HBO grabbed the opportunity to make the adaptation. HBO’s “The Outside” was first released in 2020. It had 10 episodes. 

The TV series stars Jason Bateman, Marc Menchaca, Jeremy Bobb, Yul Vázquez, Julianne Nicholson, Paddy Considine, Mare Winningham, Bill Camp, Cynthia Erivo, and Ben Mendelson.

While Ralph Anderson, a police detective played by Mendelson, is still grieving the recent death of his son, he sets out to investigate Frankie Peterson. 

Frankie Peterson is an 11-year-old boy. His body was found mutilated in the woods of Georgia. The mysterious case surrounding this disturbing crime leads the detective to bring in Holly Gibney, played by Erivo. 

Holly is an unorthodox private investigator who has uncanny abilities. Ralph hopes that Holly can help explain what happened to the boy. 

The Outside Season 1 Recap

The surprising part of the first season of this TV series is how every single piece of evidence in the crime scene leads to Terry as the culprit of the horrifying crime. 

However, according to Terry, he does not know anything about the death of Frankie. The series of events that follow the investigation of Frankie’s horrible death is even more interesting. 

These happenings change the lives of every person living in that small town. The entire community is thrown off balance by the enigmatic events that follow the death of the local boy. 

In addition to that, everyone starts to believe that Terry may be innocent due to the recent mysterious events in the town. 

The townspeople keep on suspecting a lot of things. They believe that someone planted all the evidence to frame Terry. They think that the real culprit is something bigger. 

In an attempt to investigate the claim of Terry’s innocence and the mystery behind the death of Frankie, the police and investigators are left confused. 

Another thing that made the case difficult is that the trail of evidence is full of coincidences. 

The Outsider is the ideal mixture of drama, fantasy, and crime. Viewers will be left at the edge of their seats while watching this TV series. A single death results in a lot of horrific events. More mysteries, more deaths, and more questions to ask.

The Outsider Season 2 Release Date

Earlier in 2020, it appeared like the TV series will return for season 2. Richard Price, the writer, stated in an interview in January that he was already working on the second season.

According to Price, there will be another season if HBO wants one. This is particularly true if the series does well.

The ratings of The Outsiders were a success. It pulled more than 2 million viewers during its finale. It also managed to grow its fans from the premier. 

Unfortunately, HBO decided that they will not move forward with season 2. This is according to reports on November 10.

Because of this, the production company behind The Outsiders (MRC) can now take the show and find another streaming service to play the second season.

Before HBO announced the cancelation of the second season, Stephen King was extremely confident that the TV series would get a season 2. Unfortunately, that was not the case at all.

Since Stephen King was extremely confident about getting a second season, there is a huge chance that the production company is already looking for a new streaming service for the show.

There’s a lot to expect for season 2 of The Outsider. Though a lot of people are expecting a release date, there is no pressure on Stephen King for the second season. 

Because of this, fans might have to wait for the announcement of season 2. This is particularly true due to the pandemic situation that we are currently in. Still, there is a huge possibility that the second season will be released in 2021. 

Possible Cast of Season 2

If The Outsider comes back for a second season, viewers should expect at least Ben Mendelson and Cynthia Erivo to return as Ralph and Holly. Both of them are the main casts of the TV series. 

In addition to that, there’s a possibility that Winningham will also return as Ralph’s wife since she was safe in the final episode of the first season. 

Yul Vazquez will also probably return as police officer Yun Sablo. Meanwhile, we might not see more of Claude Bolton (Paddy Considine) since his character isn’t vital to the plot of the series.

Furthermore, Seale Bolton, Bill Camp, Marc Menchaca, and Jason Bateman will probably not return for Season 2 since they all died in the 1st season. 

Possible Plot of Season 2

It’s a bit difficult to predict what will happen in the second season of The Outsider. However, there are a lot of predictions that season 2 will be a lot different and more thrilling compared to the first season.

There’s also a possibility that most mysteries will be solved in the second season. 

The first season of The Outsider used the plot of Stephen King’s novel. Because of this, there’s a huge possibility that the TV series will still follow the story for season 2. 

If that is the case, the center of a new mystery for season 2 would be the character of Holly Gibney. In the mid-credits of Season 1, Gibney was visited by a ghost. 

We also saw that Gibney has a scratch on her arm. This indicates that Gibney may be under the control of El Cuco, the main villain of the story. 

According to an interview with Stephen King, he stated that the storyline for season 2 was great. He said that it has a lot of horror and paranormal aspects.