Once upon a time, there was a skincare product that ruled the beauty world. It was seen in newspapers, movies, billboards… and it even became synonymous with quality me-time. Ah… The good old face masks. Some love them, some hate them and some know nothing about them because everyone seems to talk about cleansers and serums lately, forgetting about the OG of skincare. 

Do you know that face masks go way back to ancient times and some historians claim that they were in fact the first cosmetic products used in beauty regimens? How cool is that! The beauty gurus of ancient times used fresh herbs and plants with healing properties to mash up their own nourishing face masks and improve their overall health. 

Some of these healing plants and herbs are used to this very day in natural cosmetics. Talking about aloe vera, turmeric, flower extracts etc. However, face masks nowadays are nothing like those from the past. By combining the traditional knowledge with years of scientific research, cosmetic companies have developed some pretty advanced face masks products that can literally do wonders for your skin. 

Do Face Masks Really Work?

If you’ve already surrounded yourself with the creme de la creme of skincare products, you may be wondering whether sitting with a fluffy cloud or a piece of paper on your face is actually worth your while. Believe me, it is! As previously mentioned, skincare masks have come a long way and they can tackle almost any skin concern while you go about your day (beware of that surprise Zoom meeting though!)

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with dry, oily or aging skin, there’s a cosmetic face mask that can help you erase your problems, provided that you know what you’re buying. Unfortunately, not all face masks are created equal and some can even be potentially dangerous for your skin and overall health. 

That’s why it’s very important to know the good ingredients from the bad ones and only buy skin care masks from renowned brands and leave the fad products to live out their hype on YouTube and Instagram. 

Now that we have that sorted out, let’s have a word or two about the effectiveness of skin care masks. Just like any other skin product, face masks alone can’t make up for a terrible diet, lack of sleep and hydration or cheap skincare cosmetics. However, they can give your skincare routine a powerful boost when such a need arises.

For instance, let’s say you were out there partying or working all night and no amount of concealer can hide that fact from your face. Instead of applying layers and layers of makeup, you can treat your face to a nourishing facial treatment and restore your radiant appearance in just 15 minutes without looking cakey or creepy. Hip Hip Hooray! But wait, how’s that possible? 

Well, it just is when you place your trust in brands such as Intraceuticals, Dermalogica or Kora Organics. One of my personal favourites, the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye Mask works wonders for tired and overworked eyes. Some say it’s magic, some say it’s the hydrolysed plant proteins that soothe and tighten the delicate under-eye area. Either way, it’s a great wild card that comes in handy when you need a quick pick me up after a sleepless night. 

Are Skincare Face Masks Necessary?

Truth be told, face masks aren’t essential to your skincare routine, but they sure feel nice and can further enhance your beauty regimen. Just imagine coming home after a long day, slipping into something comfy and covering your face with a refreshingly crisp face mask straight from the fridge. Light up a candle or two, put on your favourite jam, diffuse some essential oils for stress relief and you’re all set for some next-level quality me-time.

Using a cosmetic face mask here and there feels more like a calming self-care ritual rather than a skincare step, so that’s another reason why you should make them a part of your daily life. Plus, ever heard of a skincare plateau? Your skin can get used to your typical routine so including this extra step every so often can make you move past the annoying stagnation period.

One of the best face masks that money can buy is the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque which is a powerful blend of concentrated vitamins and botanical extracts. This precious gem contains high levels of antioxidants which aid in collagen synthesis, increase elasticity and moisture content. What’s more, this intensive masque promotes healthy tissue regeneration in environmentally stressed skin.

Can You Use Face Masks Every Day?

If it’s your first time hanging around with face masks, you’ll probably want to drench your skin 24/7 in the delightfully scented layers of nourishing ingredients. Not saying that you can’t, but it’s probably best to pamper yourself with a cosmetic mask about twice a week or so. Of course, this depends on the type of face mask you use. 

If it’s a gentle, hydrating formula you can amp up the pamper hours, but if you’re going for purifying, exfoliating formulas or peel off face masks, limit your frequency to once a week or once every few weeks to avoid doing more harm than good. 

With that being said, you’re now ready to dive into the marvellous world of face masks and upgrade your skincare arsenal!