The arrival of winter is a sure sign of high heating expenses. It becomes much clearer especially in cases of old properties where the insulation is low or those HVAC systems which have lost track of upgrades.

So how will you reduce your heating costs? Simply by following the three simple measures below. If you are looking forward to saving energy this winter, contact the highly experienced and professionals of Crossway Mechanical.  They are the best heater maintenance Houston, TX, where you will be rewarded with low energy bills and high-efficiency features, without putting a hole in your pocket.

Let’s take a look at the following simple measures that will help in reducing your energy costs this winter and also the other winters that follow after.

Finding and Sealing the Air Leaks

Do you know that air leaks cause energy waste as much as 40-50%? The air leaks affect all year round creating disharmony of the indoor temperature. The difficult part about air leaks is that they are invisible and hard to find with the naked eye. They can only be felt when one stands very close to them. This is the reason contacting the experts of heater repair Houston, TX, is very important. They will very soon detect and find the air leaks and seal them accordingly.

The technicians easily find the leaks through the methods of pressurization and thermal imaging tests. For instance, a cold air stream is not visible to the human eye, but it gets detected by thermal imaging. Besides, blower door tests help to determine the rate of air infiltration in the building area.

Once these leaks and low insulation areas are detected, they will be fixed with weatherstripping, caulking, and spray foam insulation. These materials are fast and cheap, but to use these things, you will first have to get help from trained and licensed professionals.

Setting the Thermostat

Setting the Thermostat

During the cold winter days, the heating system is made to run in full force. The full-forced setting can be justified if it is deadly cold, but then set the temperature just for added comfort and convenience, then be prepared to spend huge for the utility bills.

You may ask how it is possible to reduce the heating without adding a hole in the pocket? You do not want to compromise on the comfort and also do not want to burn the money too. So what is the solution?

It is very simple. As stated by the experts of heater installation Houston, TX, the annual cooling and heating can be reduced as much by 10-15%. If you set the thermostat at 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit, for 8 hours per day, then you will surely save energy by up to 10%. Follow this schedule which can be programmed to your smart thermostat or BAS – building automation system and see for yourself how your heating bills drop at a drastic rate.

Inspection of Heating System by The Professionals

Upgrading your heating system is also another way to reduce your utility bills. But there are times when the energy is wasted for simple reasons like maintenance or repair issues. The only way to detect problems with the heating system is by consulting professionals and having them inspect your system.

If you are using fuel-burning equipment, then the professional will help improve the safety features. The gas of the fuels must be properly discharged outside as they are very dangerous to accumulate inside. With proper inspection and maintenance service, you can easily avoid dangerous situations and also your energy bills will be kept in check.

The professional will easily identify the problems and cut down your bills by upgrading the system features.

In the place of cold weather, the heating system plays the most important part in the comfort and health of the inmates. By simply upgrading the equipment and following the above measures, one can easily save a huge amount of money on utility bills. The best part about these measures is that they are cheap and affordable.

Therefore, by air sealing the property, getting consulted and inspected by a professional and thermostat proper setting, you can save chunks of money.


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