You may not notice it, but your face is ageing. The signs are there: sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines, to name a few. If you want to prevent these telltale signs, then it’s important that you start caring for your face early on!

This article will discuss the signs of ageing and the different types of treatments available that can improve and enhance the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines – talk about face fillers Singapore!

What are the signs of ageing?

People often do not notice that their face is ageing because it happens gradually. One of the first signs of facial ageing is sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines, which appear to be more pronounced as time goes on. While these skin conditions can happen to us naturally, it’s important to know what we are dealing with so we will know what to tell our dermatologist. Here are the common signs of ageing:

Fine lines

The face naturally develops lines as we age. These lines are often around our mouth and eyes and can be found on the face in general. While there is no way to stop fine line development completely, treatments like face fillers can help reduce their appearance.


Wrinkles are known to be of the most visible and common signs of ageing. These are often found in areas around your face, such as your forehead, eyebrows and between your nose and mouth. While it’s impossible to stop wrinkle development completely, treatments available can reduce their appearance, like face fillers.

Sagging skin

Just like fine lines and wrinkles develop with age, so do sagging skin conditions. This is when tissues under the skin start to lose volume, which causes them to appear less plump than they were before, even though you have not lost any weight or changed anything about how you treat yourself over time.

As people get older, they start losing collagen, which is a protein that provides a structure for adhesions within the body – including your face! Without collagen holding everything together, it’s common for sagging tissue to appear along with wrinkles or even bags under the eyes if you’ve lost volume all over your face. Again, face fillers can really make a difference here by restoring some of this lost volume while also filling out wrinkles at the same time!

Hollow cheeks

Another common sign of ageing is when hollow cheeks start to develop. This occurs in older men more often than women but can happen for both genders. This happens because the cheekbones are not holding the structure that they once did, which causes them to sink into your face and create a sunken appearance.

Sagging neck

Ageing can cause the skin around your neck to become loose, which is called ptosis. This not only gives you a sagging appearance but also makes it more difficult for younger people to take you seriously because they may assume that you are older than them!

Dry & dehydrated skin

The last sign of ageing is when your skin becomes dry and dehydrated. This can happen with or without wrinkles appearing in the face – it just tends to go hand-in-hand! Wrinkles are often found on dried-out skin because they become more pronounced as things start sagging around them.

What are my treatment solutions?

There are various treatment options available if you are starting to notice any of the above-mentioned signs of ageing around your face. Here are some of the best treatments available:

face fillers

Face fillers

Face fillers are made up out of hyaluronic acid – this type of acid is naturally found within our body, so it’s considered safe for use on the skin. It has properties that attract water, allowing it to hold 1000 times its weight in liquid while also allowing other ingredients contained within facial filler products to be carried deep into layers below the surface of your skin, where they will work their magic over time.

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Face Fillers can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on how they have been treated and the type of filler used. So, it’s important to know what we are dealing with so we will know what to tell our dermatologist!

Laser treatments

Another treatment option for skin that is beginning to show signs of ageing are laser treatments. These treatments work by targeting specific parts of your face where you have lines or wrinkles and heating them up until they heal. This can also help reduce the appearance of sagging tissue in areas like your neck, chin, cheeks, etc. because it will tighten things back up!

Non-surgical facelifts

Finally, there are non-surgical facelift procedures that involve injecting an enzyme into different layers within the dermal layer – this helps boost collagen production while erasing any fine lines along with deeper creases! The only thing about these types of injections is how much strength needs to be applied when doing so because certain techniques require a lot more pressure or strength when injecting the area. This can lead to problems like bruising – but this is normal for these types of procedures because it usually goes away in a few days once you start recovering!

Chemical Peels

The last treatment option available for skin that is starting to show signs of ageing are chemical peels. These work by using an acid-based formula in order to kill off the top layer of your skin – this helps give you a more refreshed appearance without having surgery done on your face!