Are you a Bollywood fan? Then you know who Shah Rukh Khan is. He is a famous Bollywood actor who has featured in over eighty Indian films. Other than being an actor Khan is also a Tv personality and film producer. Many people refer to him as the King of Bollywood. This is because his acts in films are usually fantastic.

So, today we are going to cover Shah Rukh Khan. His net worth and personal life. For more info, continue reading.

Personal Details

Total Net Worth: $600 Million

Full Name: Shah Rukh Khan

Date of Birth: 2nd November 1965

Place of Birth: New Delhi, India

Age: 55

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: Actor, Film Producer, Tv Personality, Businessperson

Active Years: Since 1988 to date

Wife: Gauri Chibber

Children: 3

Height: 1.73 m

Early Life of Shah Rukh Khan

Born in New Delhi on 2nd November 1965 Shah Rukh Khan grew up in Mangalore. Meer Taj Mohammed Khan was his father and was an Indian independence activist. His name is usually written as Shah Rukh Khan (SRK).

Meer Taj wasn’t an activist alone but also owned various businesses like restaurant and rented apartments. Lateef Fatima was his mother and was a daughter to a senior Indian government engineer.

His dad was from Pashtun while the mom from Hyderabad. This made him consider himself a half Hyderabadi and Pathan.

Shah Rukh Khan didn’t live in Mangalore alone but also in Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi.

Education of Shah Rukh Khan

Shah went to St. Columbia’s School in Central Delhi.

He was best in studies and sports. His primary sports were football and hockey. Khan wanted to become a professional sportsperson, but that could happen due to his shoulder injury.

That didn’t deter him as he began acting in stage films and mostly imitated top Bollywood actors while he was young. Some of his favourite actors in the Indian industry were;

·         Mumtaz

·         Amitabh Bachchan

·         Dilip Kumar

After high school, he joined Hansraj College from 1985 to 1988 and studied Bachelor’s degree in economics. However, he spent his time at the theatre action group where he studied acting, and his mentor was Barry John.

When he completed his college education, he started his Master’s degree in mass communication at Jamia Millia Islamia. He didn’t finish this degree has he went all out to pursue his acting career.

Before becoming a pro actor, he went to the National School of Drama in Delhi to sharpen his acting skills. Meer Taj died in 1981 due to cancer while Fatima died in 1991 due to diabetes complications.

Shah Rukh Khan in the Film Industry

When did he begin his film career? His first feature was on Dil Dariya a Tv series by Lekh Tandon. This was in 1988, but the show had some production delays hence late premiere. So, his first film to premiere on Tv was Fauji who’s release was in 1989.

Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth
Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth

Even though he had film gigs, he wasn’t sure that he became a top Bollywood actor. For his career to shine, he had to relocate to Mumbai. His decision earned him four movies as he did the film as a career and full-time.

The first film while in Mumbai was Dil Aashna Hai. But the first movie to premiere was Deewana in 1992. Some of his other Bollywood movies include;

·         King Uncle

·         Army

·         Pardes

·         Duplicate

·         I See You

·         Chennai Express

Shah Rukh Khan did a feature on The Lion King (Hindi Version) but did the voice of Mufasa. Currently, we are expecting him to feature on Pathan. Some of his top films are Swades whose role was a NASA scientist. Another is Chak De! India where he was a hockey coach. My Name is Khan was another film where he was acting as a person with Asperger syndrome.

Personal Life of Shah Rukh Khan

After dating Gauri Chibber for six years, he eventually married her in 1991. Together they have three children Aryan, AbRam, and Suhana. Aryan and AbRam are his sons. At the same time, Suhana is his only daughter.

Currently, Aryan is a student at the University of Southern California and is studying Cinematic Arts. Suhana is a New York University student pursuing drama and acting.

Total Net Worth

Shah Rukh Khan has a real net worth of $600 million. Yearly he earns a salary of $72,727,000. According to online reports Khan earns approximately $28 to $35 million per film.

Shah and his wife Chibber have a six-story house in Mumbai, and they bought it in 2001. Other than this property he has a villa in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The villa has six bedrooms, a spa, gym, and a panoramic view. Rukh has properties in London, U.K. and New Delhi too.

Khan is one of Kolkata Knight. Riders’ major shareholders a crick team that participates in the Indian Premier League. Additionally, he is among the owners of Trinbago Knight Riders that play in the Caribbean Premier League.


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