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There is no doubt that the anticipation for anime series and their new seasons always excite the audiences. One Punch Man Season 3 is one of such most anticipated anime series. It is an adaptation to Japanese superhero Manga created by the artist One. One Punch Man Season 1 was broadcast from October to December 2015 in Japan, and Season 2 was broadcast from April to July 2019. Viz Media has the license for the anime series in the United States and premiered the first season in June 2016 and the second season in October 2019.

One Punch Man’s interesting storyline has managed to connect the audiences. It is available on Netflix. As per reports, the production of One Punch Man Season 3 was scheduled for 2020, but the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the entertainment industry to a large extent. The makers have suffered substantial financial losses, and as a result, numerous projects have been halted or canceled.

As of now, no updates have been provided by the production house over the production of One Punch Man Season 3. But as per sources, several details have been disclosed by them.

Here, we are bringing the latest updates for you about your favorite series One Punch Man. Read to know everything from the release date, cast, plot, to the latest updates on the development of One Punch Man Season 3.


One Punch Man Season 3 will most probably witness the hero’s association organize themselves and prepare for combating against their monster enemies. The previous season was not a big success. So, the makers are planning to add some humor, but there will be no compromise with action. Garou will become more powerful, but Saitama will give a tough fight. There will be several other fights involving Zombieman, Atomic Samurai, and Flashy Flash. Saitama will be the lead in One Punch Man Season 3, and the viewers will get to see his alternative side; probably, his human side might be uncovered.

One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date

One punch man season 3 is an anime series about the superhero Saitama, who can defeat enemies with a single punch. Season 1 premiered in 2015, and Season 2 premiered in 2019. Season 3 was planned to begin in 2020, but now it is expected to release at the end of 2021. We can expect the One Punch Man Season 3 trailer to release in mid-2021.

One Punch Man Season 3
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One Punch Man Season 3: Plot

In One Punch Man, the planet earth is full of monsters and evildoers who have promoted devastation in various cities. To get rid of the chaos, a millionaire establishes a hero association that appoints superheroes to confront the monsters. Saitama is a normal hero who enacts heroic actions for fun and enjoyment. He has worked hard to become skillful. He is trained enough to defeat any monster or evildoer with just a single punch. 

Later on, Saitama becomes an unwilling guide to Genos, a cyborg. He wants to avenge another cyborg for killing his family and damaging his native town. Genos and Saitama enroll in the hero association. Saitama is positioned at a low duty because he attained fewer marks in the written examination. His capabilities are left hidden and unseen. 

The association calls a meeting over a threat to the world. After the meeting, Boros, a monster, tries to attack and capture the planet. The heroes fight with the attackers outside Boros’ ship and Saitama gets on the ship to fight. Several big heroes and monsters appear on the site, and the fight continues. The heroes are defeated due to their overconfidence, and Saitama defeats the monster. The monsters flee, but the public opinion turns against the hero association.


The cast of One Punch Man Season 3 will probably consist of the following voiceover artists:

  1. Makoto Furukawa voicing for Saitama in Japanese and Max Mittelman in English
  2. Kaito Ishikawa voicing for Genos in Japanese and Zach Aguilar in English
  3. Ueda Youji voicing for Bespectacled worker
  4. Shota Yamamoto voicing for Bearded worker
  5. Nobuo Tobita voicing for Sitch
  6. Hiromichi Tezuka voicing for Commentator
  7. Sawashiro Yuuichi voicing for Mumen Rider
  8. Kazuhiro Yamaji voicing for Bang in Japanese and Will Barrett in English
  9. Kenijaro Tsuda voicing for Atomic Samurai in Japanese while Kyle Hebert voicing in English
  10. Minami Takayama voicing the Child Emperor in Japanese while Sara Carven’s voicing in English
  11. Tesshō Genda voicing for the Metal knight in Japanese while Taylor Henry voicing in English

One Punch Man Season 3: Characters

  1. Saitama: He is a twenty-five-year-old protagonist. He considers fighting boring because he can defeat enemies with a single punch.
  2. Genos: He saw Saitama defeating a mosquito girl and became his disciple. He is a 19-year-old cyborg.
  3. Sitch is a minister officer of justice and very intelligent.
  4. Eyelashes is a faithful and confident hero.
  5. Mumen Rider is also called Satoru. He is fearless and respected by all.
  6. Bang is also known as silver fang. He is a trained martial artist. He is wiser and patient than others.
  7. Atomic Samurai: His original name is Kazikame. He wears a kimono with a symbol. He is 37 years old.
  8. Child Emperor: He is a ten-year-old who wears a Japanese elementary school backpack. He is the youngest of all but still sensible.
  9. Metal Knight: Real name of Metal King is Dr. Bofoi. He is a scientist by profession and utilizes numerous robots to fight huge monsters.
  10. King has a large claw down on the left side of his face. According to him, he is the strongest person on the planet and respected by all.
  11. Zombieman: He has short black hair and wears a jacket. He is immortal and recovers from any kind of injury.

The One Punch Man Season 3 surely promises the viewers a joyous and adventurous watching experience. There is also suspense whether season 3 will conclude the series or there will be the next season. There is no official trailer yet from the makers, neither have they announced any release date for One Punch Man Season 3. After watching the previous two seasons, you will realize that it’s worth waiting for season 3. You can watch previous seasons on Netflix. Stay connected for further updates on One Punch Man Season 3.


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