After a long wait for nearly four and a half years, it has been confirmed that Noragami will return with season 3. However, the release date is unknown. Many speculations about Noragami Aragoto Season 3 are doing the rounds, which every die-hard fan must know. Let’s have a look at some of them in this post.

Noragami is an extremely popular anime that is based on the Manga series. The Manga was published a decade ago in December 2010. There are 21 volumes in the Manga, and its English version will release in November 2020.

Noragami tells the story of a middle school student Hiyori Iki, who is involved in a bus crash when trying to save a stranger. The entire incident let her soul slip out of her body. It is then that she came to know about another universe where both human and demon souls hang around.

In 2015 (nearly 5 years ago), Noragami Aragoto’s Season 2 was released but still, there’s no specific date of its return.

Noragami Aragoto Season 3: Plot

Regarding the plot for Noragami season 3 at the time of writing, there is no confirmed information. There’s a great deal of speculation that fans are likely to see Yato’s true identity and a dark past revealed.

As per the fans’ theories, the season will focus on Yato and how he transformed into a god. However, the story could go in any direction it wants- it all boils down to the writers of season 3.

In the previous season, there was a guy who kissed Hiyoru. And according to fan theories, the guy behind all of this is none other than Yato’s father. It couldn’t be wrong to say that the upcoming season is likely to focus on the relationship between Yato and his father.

Yato wants to become a god with millions of worshippers. But simultaneously, Nora is seeking revenge. Therefore, he has a new enemy.And the twist in the plot is that Yato has absolutely no clue about the dreadful side of Nora.  Furthermore, the God of Fortune used the Phantoms and is declared as a felon. And consequently, all the gods are not happy with his deeds and plan to kill him. Also, Yukine helps Yato to become the god of fortunes, .

If you want to relive the moments again or want to speculate more, watch Noragami seasons 1 & 2 on UK Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Noragami Aragoto Season 3: Cast

Although the release date is not known, the season is likely to be back in action with some major characters.

  • Yato: He is a stray God who calls himself a delivery god. Yato is the God of calamity and wants to create his place of worship. He wants millions of followers to worship him.
  • Hiyori Iki: She is a girl who later becomes a phantom. Hiyori has a sisterly bond with Yukine and possesses deep affection for Yota.
  • Yukine: He is a boy who became Yota’s Regalia after his death.
  • Daikoku: He describes himself as her husband and is also Regalia of Goddess Kufoku.
  • Rabou: Known for controlling phantoms, he is Yota’s fellow calamity God.
  • Bishamonten: She is the God of combat who takes the form of a woman with long blonde hair.
  • Kuraha: He is Bishamonten’s Regalia and has the appearance of a male lion.
  • Nora: She is Yato’s former Regalia and is often used by other gods to fulfill different desires.

Noragami Aragoto Season 3: Crew

Noragami Aragoto Season 3 is produced by the Japanese animation studio Bones and directed by Kotaro Tamura. There were other directors who came for an episode or two. The series has three major writers Hiroko Fukuda, Hitomi Mieno and Akiko Waba.

Noragami Aragoto Season 3: Release Date

After four and a half years, Noragami will return for a third installment!!

With the news propagated like a wildfire, there’s excitement from fans from both the side- anime and the original manga. According to the sources from NextAlerts, the season is likely to be announced at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

Production houses, however, could delay the season concerning the on-going pandemic.

For Die-Hard Fans Who Can’t Wait for Season 3…

There’s no denying the fact that Noragami and Manga are still getting a lot of love and support from fans across the globe.

If you are desperate to know what really happened to protagonists after the end of season 2, you can simply start going through the Manga series!

If you’re dying to know what happened to our trio of protagonists following the end of Noragami Aragoto, you can always start reading the Manga series!

And guess what!

In October of 2019, its 21st volume was released with English translations available for both the manga and the anime.

Summing up…

Will be the third season of Noragami announced?

Well, who knows!

As a matter of fact, neither the producers of Noragami nor the creators of Manga have made any official statement regarding its release.

With the manga back in full production after a long break, there are chances that season 3 of Noragami may return.

Well, five years is a really long time and fans are expecting it to release as soon as possible.

But until then, we’ll all have to wait, wait, and wait….


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