Known for his song’s heartfelt lyrics and catchy beats, singer-songwriter NF is one of the most recognizable rappers in the music industry.

NF’s musical success is a tough road to pursue due to his struggles in his younger years. But this didn’t stop him from delivering great music to the world.

Loved by fans around the globe, NF’s rap songs have inspired millions of people because of its relatable message.

Diving into Nathan John Feuerstein’s life is an experience worth reading. And this article talks just about that. 

Below, let’s talk about his life in the music industry, the struggles he faced, and as well as his net worth. Let’s dive in!

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: NF

Full Name: Nathan John Feuerstein

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 30, 1991

Place of Origin: Gladwin, Michigan

Age: 29

Height: 6ft

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Status: Married

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Singer

Total Net Worth: $6 million

Early Life

Nathan John Feuerstein, also know as NF for short, was born on March 30, 1991, in Gladwin Michigan. NF has a troubled life during his younger years because of divorced parents. His mother is an opioid addict and was physically abused by her boyfriend. 

It was not long enough that his mother eventually died because of a drug overdose while he was young. His siblings were then taken away by his father, leaving him alone with nothing to lean on. 

NF’s passion for music made him stronger despite the struggles he faced. During his early teenage years, he began recording songs using a karaoke machine. 

And with the help of two microphones, NF was able to create songs using the first mic for his rap, and the other for the song’s instrumental tracks.

Nathan was still able to balance his schooling life despite his focus and passion for music. He was a graduate of Gladwin High School in 2009.

His athleticism made him a part of the basketball team too, and was also a performer in their Fine Arts Festival event. This is where he started to be recognized by more people because of such talent in music.

Career and Personal Life

Nathan used music as a way of escape from the emotional turmoil he experienced in his childhood. Almost all of his songs are based on his life struggles hence its powerful lyrics.

That’s why fans adored his song’s lyrics not only because of their deep meaning, but also the honesty and raw emotions of each and every line.

In 2010, Nathan independently released his first album titled “Moments.” Recording label Xist Music was impressed by Nathan’s debut album after it became a hit.

In 2012, Xist Music signed Nathan for a recording deal, and thus, his stage name NF was born. However, Nathan’s relationship with Xist Music was getting shaky the same year.

Xist Music announced that NF will release an EP during that time. However, this said EP has never seen the light of day. Few months later, Nathan ended his contract with Xist Music.

While looking for a new label to sign up, NF has been working with Tommee Proffitt to create new songs. His track “Wake Up” was the brainchild of his partnership with Tommee. 

In 2015, Nathan’s second album titled “Mansion” has earned the 62nd place of the Billboard 200 in the Christian category. 

The third one, Therapy Session, was then released the following year after Mansion’s success. It has then once again topped into the rap Christian charts.

He then released two singles titled Outro and Green Lights which are songs that are later included in another album titled “Perception.”

Perception was a huge success for Nathan as it topped number one in the Billboard 200 in its debut day. 

In 2017, NF released “How Could You Leave Us”, which is a song about his late mother. The track’s official music video has gained 62 million views on YouTube as of writing.

The tone of the music video paired with the song’s deep and emotional lyrics made it a fan favorite.

In 2019, Nathan released the single “The Search” which was also a part of another album released on the said year bearing the same name. 

Other songs including the Only featuring Sasha Sloan and Paid My Dues debuted in December 2019.

Nathan has been taking his time ever since the COVID-19 virus started in 2020. But then left his fans in shock when he released a demo version of “Chasing” in October 2020.

Nathan is married to his college batchmate Bridgette Doremus and they have been happily living up to this day. 

He and Bridgette have been in a long-distance relationship since the wake of her father. Bridget is also a health enthusiast vlogger and social media influencer.

She is currently active on Instagram and Twitter where she posts vlogs, healthy eating vids, diet tips, food recommendations, and of course, pics of her and Nathan.


Nathan also garnered some awards because of his music. His album, Therapy Session, won the GMA Dove Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album of The Year in 2016.

This is then followed with his song Oh Lord, which won the GMA Dover Award for Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year in 2017.

His album, Perception, also won the Favorite Rap and Hip-Hop Albums award in the same year as well.

NF Total Net Worth

According to data, NF’s estimated total net worth is $6 million. He is also one of the fastest-growing rappers in the music industry ever since his debut.

Although facing a plethora of struggles in his early childhood, NF used these challenges as a stepping stone to pursue his music career and it shows. 

Most of his songs are still present in Billboard’s “Hot 100” list. Aside from music, NF is also selling merch such as caps, t-shirts, and hoodies on his official website. 

NF is indeed a prime example that one’s hardships in life are opportunities in disguise. And with him still making music as of late, his net worth will definitely continue to increase in the future.


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