Have you imagined what it will be like to move into your dream home?  Have you made that a New Year’s resolution?  Are you going to make it happen in 2021?  When you think about your dream home, you also think about the most important things to consider when buying it.  Here are a couple of things to consider when you are looking to move into that dream house in this upcoming year.

Does one size fit all?

When buying your dream home, everyone has different priorities and that is okay. Everyone has different things that mean the most to them. No priority list will match everyone’s needs.

However, all of the things below are meaningful to everyone. Don’t look at this list as being in any type of order, but an all-inclusive list of things to look for. Understanding which features are the most important to you will help your realtor eliminate houses that won’t work for you and compare the homes that will.

Having the right number of rooms

Bedrooms: There are several layouts of the house that are important to look for.  The number of bedrooms – Almost everyone wants a minimum of two bedrooms. That number changes depending on if and how many kids you have. That factor also will depend on if you want any of them to share a room. And what about a guest room. Some people want to have a separate room for guests to use when they come into town.

Bathrooms: When it comes to bathrooms there are several factors.  The first one is how many you want.  Some older houses come with one, and others come with one and a half, while others have to or more.  Then there is deciding if you want tubs or showers, or even both.

Kitchen layout– Guests will usually hang out in the kitchen.  This means that the size of it can be important depending on how often and how many people you entertain.  You will need to know exactly what you are looking for.  Do you need a large gourmet kitchen with lots of counter space, sinks, and storage, or if a typical kitchen will suffice?  If you entertain large guests frequently, then you will need a large kitchen.

The appliances – The age and condition of the appliances are a big deal.  You will want to know if you will need to replace them.  However, just age and condition don’t answer the question of whether we will need to replace them.  There is more to it that you will need to think about.  For instance, what surface do you prefer to cook on?  Do you want gas or electricity?

Location and Size of the lot

You also have descriptive things about the house that are important. Buyers want a location that is close to the places that they go to most like, work, school, shopping, recreation, place of worship, friends, and family. In addition, to some people, the size of the lot is a big deal.  It depends on what matters to you. If the level of privacy, how you will use the lawn, and the length of the driveway, then the lot size would be important to you.

The age of the house

Age can play a huge difference in if you want to buy it or not. Most people want a house that is not that old, others want an older house that they can fix-up. It is a preference that differs between people.

The purchase price – Now when it comes to your budget, that can play a huge part in buying a house or even remodeling the current home you have or even buying a house that you want to do some remodeling to make it more your style. Whichever idea you have, how much it is going to cost you, can be a deal-breaker.


Several times throughout this article, we mention that there is always an option to remodel. That could have a factor in price, age, and even number of bathrooms and the size of the kitchen. There are times when you will find the perfect house that has already been built with all of the things that you are looking for.

However, most of us are not that lucky and while it may have almost everything we want, the chances of it being exact are probably not going to happen.  So, remodeling may be the way to get the house of your dreams and you can find good home remodel contractors who will help you with this. Good luck with all of your decisions and moving into the house of your dreams.