KTM RC 390 towers above the competition in terms of looks and power. It’s arguably the best sports bike that money can buy in India. Packed with cutting-edge features like Bluetooth integration and a TFT display, this bike promises a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. The powerful 373.2 cc engine can deliver up to 43.5HP at 9000 RPM making the bike the absolute beast that it is. Here are 5 reasons why the RC 390 is the best deal you can get:

KTM RC 390
KTM RC 390


KTM bikes are known for their distinct designs. The individualistic orange colour with black accents gives this bike a sleek yet sporty feel. The beautiful acoustics and flashy colours of this bike are sure to make any bike fanatic jealous! The paint on the bike is also UV resistant so that your bike can look pristine even after years of use. The deep cuts and sharp edges of this bike give it the signature “sports bike” look. The riding position also enhances the look of the bike and gives it a more sports-oriented vibe. KTM RC 390 is an unbelievably beautiful machine that performs as well as it looks.

Pure Speed

The most notable feature of the RC 390 is how fast it is. Put simply, this bike is crazy quick. It approximates 0 to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. Yes, you read that right. This bike performs exceptionally on the road and is perfect for touring. It’s exhilarating to be on this vehicle when it’s accelerating to capacity. With a top speed of 140 km/h, the RC 390 is one of the fastest bikes that you can see on Indian roads.

Comfort Comes First

Unlike most other sports bikes that completely disregard the riding experience and concentrate solely on the performance figures, the KTM RC 390 is a pleasure to ride. The peppy acceleration reminds riders that they are on a sports bike almost every time that the vehicle is turned on. The levers are also very easy to access. The bike’s 6-shift gear system is smooth and responsive, further enhancing how great it feels to be on. With a weight of 163.5Kg, this bike is heavy and can maintain stability on the road even at ridiculously high speeds.

Features and Build

This sturdy bike boasts of the best-in-class features packed into its chassis. All RC 390s are made within the country, this means that you are getting the best product possible. The bikes on sale in India are the same ones that are exported. The ride-by-wire technology and slipper clutch are features that are rare to find in a bike of this price. The RC 390 is also fuel efficient. Other features like EVAP prevent loss of fuel in the form of vapours. The centralised switchboard also ensures that all the loose cables inside the bike have been taken care of.


The RC 390 feels like a steal. With a great line up of features and an amazing build, the price tag of about 2.75 lakhs seems very reasonable. This machine provides great value for money and is sure to leave you feeling satisfied after your purchase. Surprisingly, the same bike costs almost twice as much outside India. Acknowledging the highly competitive Indian market, KTM has priced their bikes accordingly. The prices for this model anywhere else are not even comparable to the KTM bike price in India.

KTM RC 390 owners are always itching for a chance to take their bikes on the highway and get that adrenaline rush that they are chasing. It’s clear that this bike is designed for speed but the added comfort sets this vehicle apart from its competitors. Gone are the days when the Indian market had to manage with sub-par quality products only because the overseas bikes got better features and regular updates. KTM delivers the best quality bikes that are made in India, for Indians!




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