Holistic medicine is something that is practiced daily by hundreds and hundreds of people. Humans all over the world are constantly searching for new ways to cure their bodies and stimulate overall wellbeing through more natural and alternative modalities. 

Holistic medicine is not uncommonly used these days. More and more people are turning away from traditional healthcare and seeking more holistic lifestyles for themselves. These people most likely had an average, poor, or unchanging experience with traditional healthcare and therefore decided to try something new. 

Whether you are one of these individuals who has not found inner mental and physical wellness from traditional healthcare methods, or you are simply curious about what this lifestyle has to offer for your life, then this blog post is for you. 

Before we dive into if this lifestyle is for you, it is important to first define holistic medicine and health. Holistic medicine is an alternative modality of healthcare that entails working towards complete whole-body health both physically, mentally, and internally. Holistic medicine works by figuring out a source issue within your body and then finding ways to address this issue while providing overall wellbeing and health. 


So for example, if one has horrible back pain, a holistic approach would be to address this back pain through techniques like acupuncture, diet changes, or practicing yoga. Not only do these three holistic options allow the possibility for the back pain to decrease or diminish, but they also help bring the whole body and mind total wellness. 

Some common activities and modalities practiced by people with holistic lifestyles are:

This list is ever-changing and expanding as new techniques are shared and tried by many. As the list of types of holistic health choices expands, so do the benefits. Some benefits of a more holistic lifestyle are: 

  1. Boosts mental clarity and self-awareness
  2. Decreases stress and anxiety
  3. Can aid and/or bring you out of a depressive state
  4. Builds a stronger connection between mind and body
  5. Increases confidence and esteem 

This lifestyle of turning towards more holistic practices takes patience, mental strength, and dedication to your body and mind. Without having the drive and goals to truly want to be healthier, happier, and achieve complete wellness, it will be a difficult lifestyle to achieve. 

If you are considering switching to a more holistic way of living, you should not just jump right into it. Below is a checklist and some suggested guidelines before you begin practicing holistic health and medicine.

  •  Ask yourself, why?

Why are you wanting to start a more holistic way of living? Is it because you’re sick of not seeing results from traditional healthcare for your condition? Is it because you have chronic pain or issues that you can’t seem to pin down and address? Is it because you overheard your neighbor talking about her new favorite holistic lifestyle and how amazing she feels? 

Whatever it is, find your why. Once you find and explore that reason, go to step 2. 

  • Do proper research 

You must do your research on what this lifestyle has to offer and what types of modalities you are specifically looking into. If you have a specific reason for wanting to live more holistically, research that reason and results that similar individuals have had with holistic medicine. 

Also, if you have a trusted doctor or healthcare professional, it is best to let them know your concerns and interest in holistic medicine. If you have conditions such as cancer, heart issues, or other life-threatening conditions, it is highly recommended to discuss your options with medical professionals first. 

  • Find which modalities and medicines are right for you

Not everyone is going to love Ayurveda, or meditation, or yoga for that matter. There are so many different types of holistic lifestyle approaches, so do not jump in without knowing the benefits of each one. Although they all promote overall well-being, they each have individual impacts and can affect people differently. Do your research on which practice fits you or even choose multiple! 

  • Give it a shot!

The thing about trying holistic medicine is it can be changed, switched, or completely dropped. This is unlike some forms of traditional medicine, such as prescribing to a new pill for a mental condition that cannot be immediately dropped or stopped after starting without side effects or life-threatening issues. 

Holistic medicine, on the other hand, can be stopped or dropped most of the time. If you try meditation and completely hate it, all you have to do is stop meditating! If you give yoga a shot and realize you are completely inflexible and almost strained a muscle, just stop going! 

You can dabble around in this holistic lifestyle and figure out what suits you best. That is what makes it so great and easy to integrate into your day-to-day lifestyle.

The commonality between all of these holistic lifestyle choices is they all offer pretty much the same benefit. That benefit being overall health; both mentally and physically. In traditional medicine, you are likely only going to hit that physical health benefit, if that. Although traditional medicine has its benefits and has its place in this world, it does not target total health, but mainly just that one condition, problem, or sickness that is experienced. 

Author Bio: 

Bella Knuth is an experienced blog writer for companies such as Mirra Skincare, Neoreach, and her own personal blog, The Bizy Bee Lifestyle. She loves writing about business, marketing, overall wellness, and all things lifestyle. 

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