Did you know that our sense of smell is our strongest link to our memories? It is estimated that people recall scents they have experienced after a year with an accuracy rating of 65%. Our other senses, like sight, are not nearly that reliable.

What does this have to do with picking the best perfume scent for you? If you are going to be remembered for how you smell, you want to leave a good impression! So keep reading to find great fragrances.

Learn How to Test Fragrances Properly 

The way a perfume smells directly from the bottle versus how it smells on your skin after a few hours will vary. So here is how to test fragrances like a professional.

The Blotter Paper Test 

At every fragrance testing counter, you will see thin white strips of paper. These are called blotters; the material is porous and absorbent and picks up perfume scents well.

To use blotters correctly, take one of the strips and gently bend the top of the paper. Next, take the perfume you wish to test and spray it once or twice downward. Wave your blotter strip through the mist and allow the scent of perfume to absorb into the paper.

Take care not to touch the scented end with your fingers or nose. Instead, wave or hold the blotter strip under your nose from a distance of about one inch and inhale. The scent from the paper will differ from how it smells on your skin.

The Skin Test 

If a particular scent from a blotter strip stands out to you, make a note of it so you can test it out on your skin. Perfumes interact differently with the environment (in the air), on paper, and on the body as it reacts to natural oils produced by the skin. If you really want the full experience, test only one fragrance at a time.

Choose a fragrance and spray it once or twice on the back of your hand. Do not wipe it or spray it on your wrists and rub them together. Rubbing the area disrupts the delicate balance and notes of the substance.

Many choose to go outside to give it the opportunity to “breathe” and evolve. You may be surprised by the results. For example, a scent you disliked on a blotter strip could smell wonderful once you have had time to wear it.

Signature Scents 

If you are picking a perfume to wear daily, you want to find your signature scent. Signature scents are highly individualized and speak to you and your sense of style. That is the fragrance that people will associate with you.

So, what kind of impression do you want to give? Do you want to give off a fun and flirty vibe? Or are you looking for something a little more simple and traditional?

Time-honored fragrances and categories include citrus-based scents, which are common in perfumes and colognes for all ages and genders, are clean and soothing. Depending on the base, it can project youthfulness or cool refinement. If this sounds like the right type for you, try the classy EDP Paco Rabanne.

The style of fragrance known as gourmand is often upheld as the best type for a signature scent by many and bashed by others. Opinions about it are pretty well split between love and hate. These scents mimic sweet, indulgent foods like chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and burnt sugar.

Picking the Perfect Perfume Scent Made Simple

Know that you know how to test perfume scents like a professional; you can find the perfect fragrance for you the first time around. The one you wear each day, your signature scent, is an extension of yourself, so make sure you like what it says.

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