We always try to find outfits that look fashion-forward. Once we start to wear those fashion pieces, they fade away with time. So, it is risky to spend your hard-earned money on wearing that won’t last much.

With time people started wearing outerwear for style more. Manufacturers began making jackets and coats in too many varieties of designs that gave consumers so many options. These are made from thicker and durable materials that cause them to look new for a longer period of time.

How Leather Jackets Made It into the Fashion World

German fighter pilots first used outerwear made with leather in the early 1900s (that type of jacket is now known as bomber jacket). It provided warmth to pilots during cold weather, and it was flexible. At that time, no one knew these would become fashion pieces. While back in 1928, a leather jacket (similar to a modern motorcycle jacket) was already introduced into the fashion world by famous designer Irvin Schott.

In the 1950s leather jacket started to feature in Hollywood movies, it was worn mainly by leading characters, and that was the first turning point for the popularity of leather jackets.

Leather jacket Market Kept Growing.

Hollywood kept the positive image of leather outerwear from the movies like “A Star Is Born (1950)” to “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (2020)”. Leather jacket makers started to hike the prices slowly to the point where a person with average income will think twice before buying them, and some brands like FJackets took a brave step to start selling high-quality real leather outerwear at reasonable prices. It has made it possible for leather jackets to be in trend.

Current Trends of Leather Jackets

Now leather jacket has become signature outerwear for some celebrities’ likes of David Beckham, Bradley Cooper. It comes in so many varieties that made it for different occasions, people, and weather. I have gathered some styles of leather outerwear that will make you aware of current fashion trends and you can also find from here.

Leather Bomber Jacket

I already introduced you to the contribution of a bomber jacket in bringing a leather jacket to the fashion industry. It can be a perfect choice for men and women who don’t like the bulky looks of outerwear.

Leather Oversized Jacket

Oversized clothing fashion has always been in style. The oversized leather jacket is best for those who don’t want to be restrictive, and it looks chic if you pull it off right.

Leather Café Racer Jacket

Café racer leather jacket was quite popular among the bikers in the 1960s, but now it is very common as a fashion piece. It can be worn as casual and street style wear. Café racer leather jacket has a slim fit, minimalist style with round collar, two or four pockets.

Leather Blazer

If you are following social media influencers, then you probably have seen the trend of leather blazers. It can be worn on semi-formal and casual events. Blazer made with leather adds a premium touch for daily office wearing.

Leather Cropped Jacket

Cropped jacket is rare for men even if you try to find men’s cropped jacket in your nearest shop; there is a high possibility you won’t find it. It is most common in women’s fashion lines, and wearing a cropped jacket made of leather gives a guaranteed chic look. There are also cropped leather blazers that are perfect for semi-formal occasions.

Leather Hooded Jacket

The hooded leather jacket is another versatile option for leather jacket lovers. Some leather jacket comes with detachable hood. That provides functionality when you want to take the extra weight off; then you can detach the hood from the jacket.

Leather Shearling Jacket

Shearling leather jackets are perfect for cold weather because they provide extra warmth. Some jackets are fully lined with shearling fur. They are warmest, while some of them are partially lined with shearling. Fur also adds attractiveness to the look of the jacket.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Leather motorcycle jackets are great for that love outerwear with the snug fit look, metal studs, and accessories. They look casually with matching-colored boots.

As you have read, the leather jacket was introduced in the beginning of 1900 and still is in trend because leather jacket makers keep experimenting with different designs that resulted in a wide variety of leather jackets. It made every second person a leather jacket lover.