If you have ever had cosmetic surgery done in the past, then you know that there is no turning back. The nose job is permanent! However, since nose jobs are only supposed to be last resort options, it can sometimes seem like a shock when your nose starts looking different after the procedure. This article will focus on the drastic changes that the nose job can cause to your complexion.

1. Discoloration

If the nose job is not done well, then you will end up with a nose that is stained or discolored. The discoloration will appear in areas such as your nostrils and tip. To prevent this from happening to your nose, you should ask a board-certified plastic surgeon to do the operation. The plastic surgeon should be familiar with the technology and technology used in the procedure. They should also be well-trained to perform the different techniques that you could require to produce a good result.


Formation of scar tissue is generally unavoidable after a nose job. The scar tissue will form around the incision line of your nose, which is usually done just under your eye or above your lip. However, you can minimize the scars by consulting with a surgeon with vast plastic surgery experience. A doctor with plenty of experience will work within the facial contours to lessen the appearance of this scar. you should note that scarring will vary from individual to individual.


Nose job can cause redness of the skin around the nose. This redness is more prominent in people with pale skin, so do not be surprised if you notice it more than others. The doctor can take steps to minimize the redness by using special tools and well-known techniques.

4.Deepening Your Noses Shape

If your nose is wide or your nostril has a sharp, angled appearance, then you will want to go for a nose job to fix these problems. A nose job will help to fix these problems. However, it would help if you were careful so as not to undo the good work done by your surgeon.

Bad Nose Job

5.Tumor Removal

It is very rare that a nose job will need to be done for removal of a tumor. If your doctor suspects that this might be the reason for the nose job, they should eliminate this possibility.

There are numerous ways that plastic surgeons can remove a tumor. The most common technique used is called “conventional” surgery. During this method, the doctor will use local anesthesia to numb the area, then they will cut away the tumor, if possible.

Other types of surgical techniques might be better suited for your type of tumor. Your doctor can help you choose the right technique to use depending on what type of tumor you have.

6.Loss of Sensation

A large percentage of people who undergo a nose job will report loss of sensation in the area where the surgery occurred. However, not all patients will experience this type of problem. If you lose skin sensation after your nose job, you should report it to your doctor immediately.

If you are experiencing loss of sensation, then the doctor may have accidentally damaged the nerves in the area. Even if this was not done intentionally, you should still report it to your doctor so that they can take appropriate measures. The goal is to minimize your pain and discomfort.

There are instances where damage to the nerves can occur even if an experienced surgeon performs the procedure. Therefore, if you experience loss of sensation, you should know that the procedure was performed by someone not one of the top surgeons in the field. You will want to discuss this with your doctor so they can take appropriate action.

7.Bleeding or Numbness

If you have a nose job and experience bleeding or numbness after the surgery, then it is possible that your surgeon did not include enough numbing medicine during your procedure. This can make you feel more pain than you would normally. If this is the case, then you will want to contact your doctor or find another surgeon to perform your procedure.

If there was no numbing medicine, then it is possible that the nose job procedure was not taken care of properly. This means that your nose may be larger than the original nose. The doctor may not have finished his procedure before he turned the machine off.

8.Filler will Be Used

The nose job will help fix your nostrils so that they are not as wide or sharp. This should be enough to fix your nostrils. However, if this is not the case, then the doctor may need to use filler material to get rid of other flaws in the nose.

One of the most common problems after a nose job is large areas of skin removal. The surgeon will usually use filler material to fill in these large areas. The filler should not be very noticeable.

If you are worried that your nose job is not turning out as well as you hoped, then ask your doctor if you will use it to fix the problem. You also want to ask the doctor about what kind of filler they might use.


Ways that a nose job can cause dehydration, is through use of anesthesia. During anesthesia, you will take some drugs not to feel the pain of a nose job. When this also causes dehydration, then it can cause your skin to become dry and saggy.

You should drink lots of water after your nose surgery before you go home from the hospital. This will help prevent your nose from becoming dry and saggy. It would help if you also drank plenty of water during the healing process.


numerous risks go along with a nose job. You will want to fully understand these risks to prepare accordingly if something does go wrong. The absolute worst-case scenario would be death, but this is extremely rare.


The most common risks that nose job patients encounter are from infection and injury. It is possible that your nose could become infected after surgery if you do not take the right steps before and after your operation.