Hank Williams Jr., (sometimes known as Hank Jr. or Bocephus), is a professional American singer-songwriter.

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Hank Williams Jr., Hank Jr., Bocephus
Full Name: Rendall Hank Williams
Gender: Male
Birth Date: May 26, 1949
Birth Place: Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
Age: 71 years old
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 94kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Gwen Yeargain (m. 1971-1977), Becky White (m. 1977-1983), Mary Jane Thomas (m.1990)
Children: Hank Williams III, Katharine Diane Williams, Holly Williams, Samuel Williams, Hilary Williams
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Net Worth: $45 million

Who is Hank Williams Jr.?

Born on May 26, 1949, in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States, Rendall Hank Williams or Hank Williams Jr., (sometimes known as Hank Jr. or Bocephus), is a professional American singer-songwriter.

Hank Williams Jr. is known for his Southern rock, blues, and country rock genres. Hank Williams Jr. is the son of the famous country music singer Hank Williams whom he admired.

Hank Williams Jr. started to make his songs in line with his father’s style. While still being fourteen years old, Hank Williams Jr. has already started to appear in an episode of the 1964 ABC show The Jimmy Dean Show and sang some of his father’s greatest hits.

Following that, the young Hank Jr. was then invited to be a guest star on Shindig!. Seeking his style, Hank Williams Jr’s genre evolved in many ways seeking his place in the field of country music.

However, his career came to a close end after a fatal accident at Ajax Peak in Montana where he fell on August 8, 1975. After taking steps on recovery, Hank Jr. challenged back a new approach in country music with his blend of country, rock, and blues.

Hank WIlliams Jr. is known to be versatile in many instruments including guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, banjo, steel guitar, piano, keyboards, dobro, harmonica, saxophone, fiddle, and drums. 

Hank Williams Jr.’s famous song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” became “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night” as an opening for the broadcasts of Monday Night Football from 1989 through October 2011.

It was changed because of Hank Williams Jr.’s comment on President Barack Obama compared to Adolf Hitler. In 2017, his song was back on the air again in the broadcast. 

By August 12, 2020, Hank Williams Jr. had his chance to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Early Life

Hank Williams Jr. was nicknamed by his father as Bocephus after Grand Ole Opry comedian Rod Brasfield’s ventriloquist dummy. When his father died in 1953, Hank Jr. was solely raised by his mother. 

During his early childhood life, several contemporary musicians visited their home which greatly influenced him and taught him how to play various musical instruments in different styles. Some of whom were Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Earl Scruggs, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

At age of eight, the young Hank Jr. had his debut on stage in 1964 where he sang one of his father’s many classic songs “Long Gone Lonesome Blues.”

Hank Jr. enrolled at John Overton High School in Nashville, Tennessee where he would perform in pep rallies for their music class choir with his guitar.

In 1964, Hank Williams Jr. became the voice of his father for the 1964 film Your Cheatin’ Heart. Consequently, Hank Jr. also made album duets with his father’s recordings.

Life’s Obstacles

Despite earning numerous hits of country music in the 1960s to early 1970s in his father’s stead, Hank Williams Jr. became disillusioned and cut ties with his mother.

In the mid-1970s, Hank Jr. pursued his musical career and eventually became a superstar. Likewise, along his way to stardom came controversies including alcohol and drug abuse. 

To get back on track, Hank Williams Jr. moved to Alabama to refocus himself and began playing with Southern rock musicians like Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels, and Toy Caldwell and made a collaboration as “Hank Williams Jr. and Friends” in 1975.

On August 8, 1975, Hank Williams Jr. nearly lost his life after a fatal accident while climbing the Ajax Peak in Montana after falling about 500ft onto a rock and suffered multiple skull and facial fractures. The incident was made into a film “Living Proof: The Hank WIlliams Jr. Story.”

Hank Williams Jr. spent two years of recuperation following a series of reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation to speak and sing again. Since then, Hank Williams Jr. has been associated with wearing sunglasses, a hat, and a beard to hide the scars from his accident.

Since then, Hank Williams Jr. came back into the music industry and recorded albums alongside other notable musicians such as Waylon Jennings and the Shake Russell – Dana Cooper Band.

Music Industry

Hank Williams Jr.’s country music has been acknowledged by Rolling Stone in 1976 and quoted “Williams’ country material has always been among Nashville’s best.”

Hank Williams Jr.’s music career skyrocketed after the acceptance of the Nashville establishment of his new music which took him far beyond being overlooked for any major industry awards.

In the 1980s, Hank Williams Jr. took time to record music as much as he could, often releasing two albums a year following his long string of hits.

From 1979 to 1992, Hank Jr. was able to release 21 albums, 18 of which are studio albums and three compilations, all certified by the RIAA as gold recordings.

Hank Williams Jr. was able to hit 44 Top Ten singles on the Billboard Country charts with 10 No.1 singles throughout his music career. 

From 1987 to 1988, Hank Williams Jr. was named Entertainer of the Year by the Country Music Association and had the same title from 1987 to 1989 from the Academy of Country Music. 

Hank Williams Jr. Total Net Worth

Being a musician at a very young age, Hank Williams Jr. was able to put up his cornerstone in the music industry.

Despite all the humps and bumps on his music career, Hank Williams Jr. was able to get back on track and made numerous albums and awards which made him able to earn an estimated net worth of $45 million.


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