The Gravity Falls is an animated mystery comedy series created by Alex Hirsch. This popular animated series was circulated on Disney XD and Disney channel. Gravity Falls has a huge fan following from across the world, and the audience is eagerly waiting for an update on its renewal. Read the complete article to find out whether Gravity Falls Season 3 is in the making?

Gravity Falls was started on June 15, 2012, and remained on screen for three years. The second season of Gravity Falls came out in 2016. The fans are eagerly waiting for an update on Gravity Falls Season 3 for the past four years. Fans are determined to get a season 3 of Gravity Falls real soon, but will they? Let’s find out!

About Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is one of the most popular animated mystery web series, owing to its reviews. It is a comedy-adventure story that is distinct from other animated series. It is a funny, light-hearted cartoon, and it forms a special part of everyone’s childhood. Gravity Falls has a good pace and binding content. If we look at the pattern of the previous two seasons, the first was released in 2012, and the next came after three years, so the third season should have arrived by now.

Fans are craving new content in the series. There has been no significant news or formal announcement from the makers. However, there is a rumor that the makers intend to end this series. They do not want to continue this series.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date

The Two Seasons of Gravity Falls series have filled the audience with a craving for a new season. The audience is looking for Gravity Falls Season 3 with the demand for fresh content and more entertainment. The producer of this television series wanted to conclude the series after the release of season 2. According to the producer, he should not stretch the series too much, and he should conclude this after the second season. But the fans are demanding Gravity Falls Season 3. However, there is no official news about Gravity Falls Season 3 yet.

If there is more content related to Gravity Falls, like a spin-off show, we cannot expect anything to come out before the mid of 2021. Some new content in the form of shorts is being produced in a few intervals of time. The most recent short, “Gravity Falls x Line Rider,” was released on September 11. There is no confirmation if a new short is in the making.


Possible Reasons for Cancellation

The decision to cancel the show is from the producer and not Disney. Disney is keen on continuing the series considering the success of the previous seasons. Alex Hirsch has the right to decide on the matter. But he has announced that he has completed the story in season 2, and he will not unnecessarily develop a new story for the sake of a new season. He has given a preferable end to the second season. He posted this piece of information on his Tumblr account. Alex doesn’t want to decrease the show’s credibility and disappoint the fans with an unreasonable stretch. Still, if the makers come up with a new idea, it will be interesting to watch. There were several demands and petitions made by fans across social media.

Gravity Falls
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The voiceover artists and characters of Gravity Falls are:

  1. Jason Ritter voices the character of Dipper Pines.
  2. Kristen Schaal voices the character of Mabel pines.
  3. Alex Hirsch voices the character of Grunkle stan.
  4. Alex Hirsch voices the character of Soos Ramirez.
  5. Linda Cardellini voices the character of Wendy Corduroy.


  1. Mabel Pines: She is Dipper’s elder twin sister by 5 minutes. She is curious and knows how to express herself.
  2. Dipper Pines: Dipper is Mabel’s younger twin brother by 5 minutes. He is a 12-year-old boy who loves adventure and never gets tired of it. Dipper is very energetic. He has a secret crush on Wendy and tries to impress her with some random and weird activities.
  3. Jesus Alzamirano Ramirez (Soos) is friends with the twins and works at a mystery shack. He always addresses someone with “Dude.”
  4. Stan Pines (Grunkle Stan): Stan Pines is the great uncle of Pines Twins and a unique businessman running a bizarre museum. He is greedy and grumpy.
  5. Wendy Corduroy: She is a daddy’s girl who is like her father. She is a part-time employee at Mystery Shack.

Gravity Falls Storyline

The story begins with a holiday trip in summer. The Pines twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel, come to reside with their uncle Grunkle Stan, who resides in the city of Gravity Falls. The city is loaded with secrets and adventures. They come across the truth of various mysteries and make some interesting explorations. Dipper discovers a journal in a close-by jungle, which they use to uncover many mysterious secrets. The summer trip is full of voyages, adventures, exciting discoveries, thrills, and a time of humor. They are accompanied by numerous personalities in the adventures, making the story more interesting.

Gravity Falls Season 3 will probably not be there, but you can watch the previous two seasons online on Netflix or Hotstar Kids. It has a wonderful storyline, and every kid enjoys it. Summer vacation has always been very special to every child; there is an internal inquisitiveness in every child for exploration, and this series matches that interest. 


In July 2017, the creator of the series, Alex Hirsch, announced that he was planning to make a movie in collaboration with Disney. But the idea was canceled as the studio was not satisfied with the idea of making a film on this series. But Alex said that he is still interested in the idea of a film.

It might be disheartening to hear that no season 3 is being planned for the American cartoon series Gravity Falls. Disney announced that all the rumors of season renewal are fake and don’t have a credible source. But the makers are planning something intruding on the audience.

Alex Hirsch also intends to plan a spin-off for Gravity falls. We can expect something good because its storyline and characters are very popular. There is no specific confirmation, but we shall keep you updated if anything new comes up regarding the show. 


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