Bowling in Mumbai is an enormously popular sport and becomes even more of a craze during the monsoon months. There are numerous leagues and competitions for bowlers and the best bowlers to participate in. By bowling frequently, you get excited, emotionally fit, and physically healthy.

Some people also take bowling as their favorite part-time. The other benefits of bowling include enhancing muscle strength, improving flexibility. The game also makes one feel stress-free. Every bowler started somewhere. As a beginner, you may not know how to bowl perfectly, but as the adage goes practice makes perfect.

As a beginner, you can use these tips and techniques to up your game while bowling at one of the many awesome bowling alleys in Mumbai.

Bowling Tips and Techniques for Beginners

1) Always keep focused on where your feet are positioned. Maintain a wide stance with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing outwards towards 10:00 and 2:00 respectively.

2) While practicing bowling in Mumbai on your own, focus on the technique of your release. Focus on a smooth delivery. Try to keep your arm at a 90-degree angle during delivery and follow through with the ball as you release it.

3) When bowling in Mumbai, always use a wrist and finger position that is comfortable for you. Apply bodyweight towards your target while keeping track of where your feet are positioned.

4) Always try to 10:00-hook the ball more than anything else. If you can bowl the 10:00-hook with your feet slightly closer to the ground, this will enable you to stay further away from the bowling lane and have more control over the ball.

5) When the ball is brought forward, the body should be straight, and should not be near the arrows. The arm should move toward the 12 O’clock position. If the arrow is aimed at the left, the strike will be better.

6) It is important to be confident in your delivery. This will help you feel comfortable and relaxed while delivering the ball.

7) While bowling at the bowling alley, always bowl with full force. You should have confidence in what you are doing no matter how much or how little you are bowled out. When others bowl only 6-7 balls, you should be taking the remaining 20-21 balls in your stride and getting to bowl another ball. Do not get discouraged or upset if you are bowled out and walk away from the lanes.

8) For bowling in Mumbai, it is good to own a good pair of bowling shoes that are both durable and comfortable. They should also be able to support your feet while you are playing. It is also important that the shoes are worn correctly to avoid getting injured.


At the end of the day, bowling, for many bowlers in Mumbai, is truly about having fun, but at the same time, it turns into a lot of extra enjoyment as one’s bowling rating improves. The above tips can help you improve your bowling skills and enjoy bowling in Mumbai as all other expert bowlers do.