There are two sides to the college experience.

It can be a stressful time in one’s life dealing with coursework while worrying about all the things that could potentially go wrong. You’ll probably worry about your finances, academics or relationships, which is normal.

But there’s also another side to college that makes every challenge worthwhile in the long run.

It’s the carefree lifestyle and discovering yourself in the process. It’s also when you meet new people and build lifelong relationships.

And if you didn’t already know, one of the most popular bonding tools in college is having as much fun as you can.

On that note, we’ll take you through some of the fun outdoor games you should play in college.

Remember, college is that one place you shouldn’t be too serious. Who knows, perhaps getting involved in fun group games is what you need to balance out the daily challenges and relieve the pressure of being a college student.

Check out our top picks for fun outdoor games for college students:

Fun Outdoor Games for College Students
Fun Outdoor Games for College Students

1. Pool Volleyball

Pool volleyball is an excellent outdoor game, perfect for college kids. It’s also one of the best group games you can play on a sunny day. Consider it a small-scale version of beach volleyball, with the pool taking the place of the surf.

To get started, set up a net across the pool. Both sides of the pool will serve as the play ground. Split the team into two teams of three, or more.

The rules of the game generally have a slight variation from the traditional team volleyball. Still, you can make up your own rules as you go if you’re not so sure.

The point of it all is to have fun.

2. Water Balloon DodgeBall

Dodgeball is fun especially with water balloons and makes for an amazing outdoor experience.

Think about it, what could be more hilarious than slamming your friends with a balloon filled with water?

The game is perfect on a sunny day, plus there are no rules. Everyone involved gets soaked. Also, if you can’t find water balloons, sponges are a nice alternative. You dip them in water buckets and that’s it, you’re armed!

3. Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is a team building experience that teaches cooperation and problem solving in addition to being fun and engaging.

The best part is that anyone and everyone can take part as it’s the type of game that doesn’t require physical prowess, but a little bit of everything.

There’s literally no limit to how many people can take part in treasure hunting. You can make it small or turn it into a grand affair with a big prize on the line.

You can have several teams vying for the prize or make it optional so that people can interact and pair up as they please.

What happens in a treasure hunt is that players try to solve a specific information puzzle by following clues hidden in various places at different stages in the game.

The first team to gather all the information, usually leading to a hidden item, wins the game.

4. Target Throwing

There are a number of ideas for target throwing games college students can get involved in like ring toss, horseshoes, beanbag toss, darts, etc.

These games are fun, engaging and good for learning focus. You can get them cheap online or in thrift shops near you. You can even DIY.

If you want to spend a fun weekend outdoors with your friends playing games that are not that fussy, these laidback target throwing ideas should be perfect for you.

5. Obstacle Course Games

When it comes to obstacle courses, you’re only limited by your imagination. Besides, college students can be pretty resourceful, which is the only skill you need to set up an obstacle course.

The idea is to come up with several obstacles that will require someone to go over, crawl beneath, or try to balance to get through successfully.

It could be as simple as a set of plastic panels placed on the ground in a checkered pattern with markings indicating where to step.

Setting up an obstacle course doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. College kids can use materials already available to them such as ropes, boxes and containers.

6. Pool Tug of War

Tug of war is a classic and is always fun regardless of age. How about spicing it up at the pool?

Here’s what it’s all about:

As usual, two teams compete in a tug of war, pulling on the opposing sides of a rope. The team that manages to drag the other to their side wins.

Now, in the pool tug of war, the pool is the main source of fun. The two teams line up behind a rope stretched across the pool and start pulling. To win, a team has to drag the other right into the pool in a splash of victory!

7. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga, also known as Yard Jenga is a giant version of the classic game of Jenga. And as the name implies, Giant Jenga is designed for the outdoors, where you’ll be stacking large jenga “bricks” generally made of wood or plastic.

If you played Jenga in childhood, then you’re all set. The rules are the same. All you have to do is take turns removing one block at a time and attempting to stack it on the top-most level while maintaining the tower.

Jenga can be a fun mental and physical game to play outdoors with friends.


You shouldn’t spend all your time worrying about midterms or staying cooped up indoors \when there are so many fun experiences waiting for you out there.

If the weather permits, there’s a lot you can do with your friends to have fun, bond, and build motivation.

And if for some reason you’re feeling down, then you should definitely stay outdoors more. Make friends and take advantage of the social support system!

Not sure which fun outdoor games suit your squad?

Try out our list and see how it goes!


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