A 2009 Honda Civic battery is a routine maintenance component in your car. If you don’t replace yours after approximately three to five years of use, you may experience performance issues or be unable to start your car. Explore pricing information, the future of auto batteries and convenient charging options for your home.

Best Honda Civic Battery Price Guide

Expect to pay between $80 and $250 for a 2009 Civic automotive battery. If you’re looking for the most affordable option available, $80 will buy you a standard flooded one with a one-year warranty. A larger investment opens up two- and three-year warranties, absorbed glass mat alternatives and name-brand manufacturing quality.

The Future of Auto Battery Technology

While your 2009 Honda may need a new standard battery or absorbed glass mat battery every three years, cars in the future may not need this routine replacement component. Electric vehicles are promising to be the future of the auto industry, which will replace lead-acid battery technology.

Electric vehicles use large lithium-ion batteries to not just power a starter, but to power the entire vehicle. These reliable batteries don’t have the same self-discharge rate as existing battery technology, making them a much more long-lasting technology. Check out car battery types explained for more information about different types of batteries and to learn more about the future of battery technology.

Honda Civic Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

Best Battery Charger for Home Use

If your current Honda Civic battery isn’t starting your car, it may be time for a replacement or a charge. Pick up a battery tester or use a multimeter to determine whether the component needs to be replaced or recharged.

If you just need a charge and your Honda is parked at home, then an electrical outlet car battery charger provides the convenient power your Civic needs. Connect the battery to the charger, following the included instructions, and plug in the charger. Wait until the battery is sufficiently charged to turn over your engine. Try to run your car for at least 30 minutes to avoid starting difficulties the next time you try to start your engine.

How To Replace Your Battery

If the tester or multimeter tells you it’s time to replace your battery, then a charger isn’t a reliable solution. Instead, order the correct battery size and cold cranking amps before replacing this critical component.

Start by removing the battery cables. Always start with the negative cable before loosening and removing the positive cable. Perform these steps wearing safety gear and using a suitable socket wrench or adjustable wrench.

Once the cables are removed, loosen the restraint. You should be able to pick the battery up and remove it. Don’t attempt this without gloves, as an old battery may become cracked and leak.

Install a new battery using the same restraint system and by connecting the cables in the opposite order. Start with the positive cable before moving on to the negative one.

Pick Up a New Civic Battery Today

These steps will only work if you have the right size of battery for your year of Honda Civic. Shop for 2009 Honda Civic batteries today, either online or at a trusted auto parts store, to make quick work of this routine maintenance task.