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Gardening Write For Us

There are many beautiful flowers or plants around us that we cannot stop admiring. One of the best way to connect with nature is gardening. Many people love gardening as a hobby and know a lot about it.

We are looking for experts who are willing to write guest posts regarding gardening. If you are a writer and hold the knowledge of gardening, you can be the one we are looking for.

Gardening Write For Us Guidelines:

  • Content Length: The guest post you submit should at least be 1000 words long. However, the upper limit can be 2500 words.
  • Tone: The tone you use while writing must be engaging and conversational. The reader should feel that the article is to explain them.
  • Titles: Claim all the statements you include. Link it to the original sources if you use any statistics, facts, or studies.
  • Relevancy: The article should be strictly in relevance to gardening. Any off-track post will not be accepted and published. We have an expert editorial team to check your content.
  • Images: It is compulsory to add at least one photo to your content. The image you include should be clear and the quality of it should be high definition and the resolution should be at least 600 pixels in width and 600 pixels in length.
  • Introductions: Make sure to keep the first paragraph or the information paragraph small. Consider writing 100 or fewer words.
  • Links: We understand how much time is required to write and why you want a link to your blog. Keeping this in mind you are free to add one link to your blog.
  • Duplicity: We do not accept the copied content. Being a writer you know the value of original content and we expect you will not copy the content of other writers.
  • Errors: Keeping the reader’s base in mind, make sure the article must be well written in English and free of grammatical errors.
  • Engaging: We do not want to disappoint our readers, the article must be engaging and informative for our readers.

Gardening Guest Post Content Guidelines:

Gardening is a vast topic, and there are lots of options to choose from. You can consider the following options and explore more too.

  • Plants
  • Tools
  • Soil type
  • Different species
  • Uses
  • Commercial growth
  • Care ideas
  • DIY ideas

We appreciate your interest in this field. Here we provide a platform for your writings to have a larger audience. Eagerly waiting for your submissions. Please send ur post