Prank calling apps are highly advantageous when trying to fool people you know. However, doing so anonymously isn’t always guaranteed. Most of us require additional tools to keep personal details secure. 

Here are the best apps that provide a fool-proof way to stay hidden during a prank call. We’ve also included a few prank apps for your next cheeky moment. Take a look!


This spoof call app provides a second number to users making anonymous calls and text messages. Although the app isn’t intended for prank calling, it happens to favourably assist pranksters in fooling their friends. If you lack a steady stream of phone credit or prefer not to have a monthly cell phone plan, Spoofcard’s services only require Wifi connection. However, the app does operate on a credit system, so you’ll need to pay to make calls. 

If you need extra privacy and want to keep personal details hidden, Spoofcard’s convenient setup makes it a worthwhile download. 

Fake Caller ID

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation where escape is the only considerable course of action? Bad scenarios could be a blind date gone wrong or an awkward family reunion. Although you could pray to receive a spontaneous work call that requires your immediate presence, you’re better off using Fake Caller ID. This app enables users to organize fake incoming calls. By arranging a call in advance, you’ll escape any tedious event with a decent reason.

You can also download the app to a friend’s computer, where they’ll receive the call. Since users can customize the fake contact’s name and number, have fun by choosing your favorite celebrity. Once you’ve chosen famous figures like “Queen Elizabeth” or “Benedict Cumberbatch”, set the time and watch your friend respond to the call!

Prank Calling Apps

Ownage Pranks

Thankfully, we’re no longer making prank calls on our Motorola flip phones. Instead, we use applications that can substantially enhance the classic jokes we all know and love. 

For perfect prank calls guaranteed consistently, we suggest downloading the Ownage Pranks app. This app is packed with dozens of creatively written prerecorded calls, each having a unique prank scenario for any situation. However, unlike a spoof calling app, users aren’t given a secondary number to make calls. 

To ensure dialogue appears as human-like as possible, the app’s creators utilize speech recognition Ai. This sophisticated tool recognizes recipient keywords, enabling the prerecorded call to respond at the correct times. When deceiving your friends, enjoy the luxury of being completely anonymous as they’ll have no access to your Caller ID. 


For anyone who’s ever attempted a prank call, you’ll know it can often end in frustration. Excellent improv skills, a calm temperament, and a fantastic prank script are all required.

The PrankDial app provides a convenient solution, offering many automated prerecorded calls. Like Ownage Pranks, select from their list of prank situations, pick your prank recipient and send. 

As the prerecording automatically plays, users can sit back and listen to fun reactions. This app does the trick and is a great alternative to poorly made prank calls. 

Fun Prank Apps

Fart Sounds with iFart

During iFart’s inception to the apps store in 2008, it received critical acclaim as the most successful app of the year. In 2016, the app was remade for Android to be enjoyed by Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia smartphone users.

While it’s not to everyone’s taste, nothing beats the old classic fart joke. With iFart, you can schedule a fart with a set timer, sneakily placing your mobile device near the person you intend to shame. With good sleight of hand, you can cause the entire room to burst into laughter. 

Ghost Lens

People have always sought to get otherworldly visitors on video. With this smartphone tool, you can conveniently do so and trick people you meet into believing it’s true. This prank app simplifies the editing process, so you don’t need to be a photoshop expert. The “Ghost Lens” app adds an image and video of a ghost near your body, enabling users to fade images in and out. 

The way it performs transparency is by layering two images or recordings, achieving translucent and ghost-like results. To make a mysterious silhouette appear behind your back, add one or several filters.

The Scare

How do you catch significant prank reactions without having a camera and strap attached to your neck? Luckily for you, you’ve got the Scary Prank app! Tell your buddy that you’re playing the latest trending game online (think Flappy Bird, 2048, etc.) and graciously ask them to give it a go. As the game proceeds as expected, it will suddenly flash a random terrifying picture — freaking them out. The best part? Your front camera is shooting them the whole time!

Pull Over!

Seeing red and blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror is one of the worst things to see while driving. As it occurs, you convince yourself that you’re a law-abiding citizen who hasn’t done anything wrong. But what if the entire scenario was a prank? Utterly chaotic but hilarious for everyone else involved, you must persuade the driver that the cops are tailing him or her with the “Epic Police Siren” app. If you want to strike fear to their heart, even more, use the app’s siren sounds. 


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